The Trustworthy Character of God



Study: two Samuel 7:21-22

Whom do you trust? It is not quick to obtain lots of folks who are accurate to their word. At some point, we all discover the tough way that any person other than almighty God can disappoint us. Let’s appear at the Lord’s character to find out why He can be trusted.

He is the a single accurate God. Back in Old Testament occasions, it was frequent for folks to in fact carve and worship a false god. These days, it is much more common to idolize anything unseen, such as wealth, energy, fame, or relationships. These can consume our passion, dollars, and time—and in the finish leave us fruitless and empty. Jehovah, on the other hand, is alive and genuine, prepared to be intimately involved in our lives.

God is truth, and He is constantly faithful (John 14:six 1 Corinthians 10:13). As opposed to sinful man, the Lord is trustworthy—and anything that He says will occur comes to pass. Our sovereign God has all energy and is in manage of every single predicament.

Christ loves us unconditionally. How can we ever doubt His adore when He willingly gave His life in our location? And His adore is primarily based not on our behavior or status but on His character alone.

The heavenly Father is unchanging. All of the above are timeless attributes that will forever be accurate.

God can be trusted. So do not give Him just the quick issues rely upon your Creator for anything. He desires a individual partnership with His beloved and is in a position to guide every single believer by way of life victoriously. In a altering, suspicious globe, you have a Pal who is 100 % reputable.

By Dr. Charles Stanley

Made use of by Permission

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