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More than at the Zurich New Testament Weblog, they are operating the following promotion for a no cost copy of Jordash Kiffiak’s Responses in the Miracle Stories of the Gospels (WUNT two Mohr Siebeck).  Readers of the Jesus Weblog may well have interest in winning this study of more than 700 pages!


This is your opportunity to win a Cost-free COPY of the acclaimed, 700+ web page study by Jordash Kiffiak, “Responses in the Miracle Stories of the Gospels”!

The book has been praised by Andreas Lindemann in no uncertain terms:

Man wird bei einem derart umfangreichen, m. E. im besten Sinne als „innovativ“ zu bezeichnenden Werk Fragen und Einwände vorbringen können. Gleichwohl scheint mir die Studie von Jordash Kiffiak im Ansatz und in der sorgfältigen Durchführung der Frage nach der Bedeutung der „responses“ in den Wundererzählungen in ganz besondere Weise erwähnenswert zu sein.

(“With such an huge function – and in my opinion a single to be labeled ‘innovative’ in the very best sense of the word – a single may be in a position to raise queries and objections. Nonetheless the study of Jordash Kiffiak in its method and meticulous execution relating to the query of the which means of the ‘responses’ in the miracle stories seems to me to be worthy of mention in a extremely exceptional way.”)

To take aspect in the competitors, you will require to do two factors.

1. Create a two- or 3-sentence comment, telling us why you require this volume from Mohr Siebeck’s WUNT II series.

two. Submit a a single-web page (500 words max.) piece, providing a fuller explanation of your rationale.

The prize will be awarded on the basis of not only logical argumentation but also creativity!

Note: this competitors is for graduate students. Your document will require to have your complete name, status (MA student, PhD candidate), system/specialization (NT, early Christianity, early Judaism and so forth.), existing year of research, title of MA thesis (if relevant) or PhD thesis, and the name of your institute. Send it to [email protected] by Thursday 14 June 2018.

You can study a weblog post summarizing the book right here:

All the very best!


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