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I am content to pass along the following from William Johnson of Duke University.  Some readers of the Jesus Weblog might be interested in this present for annual subscriptions to the Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists.


Dear colleagues,

If you have papyrological interests, I want to point out to you the good deal presented by the American Society of Papyrologists. An person ASP membership expenses $35, and for that you will an annual subscription to theBulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists, just about 400 pages of higher-good quality papyrology spanning a wide variety of topic matter, from editions to essays. Our new arrangement with Peeters Publishers makes it possible for us to present this without having shipping or other added expenses. 

Exactly where else can you subscribe to a papyrological journal for $35? (Or $16 if you are a student!)

To develop into a member, basically go to:

and click on the membership button.

Memberships also go to help the Society’s other activities, for which see the blurb under.

With finest wishes to you all,

William Johnson

Secretary-Treasurer, American Society of Papyrologists


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