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The Lord is my strength and my song He has develop into my salvation.

(Psalm 118:14)

What do you believe the Psalmist meant when he wrote that? Did he imply the Lord was his get-out-of-hell-absolutely free card to safe his final destiny? No, he didn’t.

When a desperate, young mother is trapped by the abusiveness of her husband and the wants of her youngsters, is a get-out-of-hell-absolutely free card the salvation she wants? Of course not. What she wants is a buddy to come alongside her and show her the way via that scenario to security and life. Any person who does that for her is her salvation.

“The Lord is my salvation,” is not just a statement of our eternal destiny it is our hope in this broken age that he has a way via what ever life can throw at us and what ever sin seeks to destroy in us, and he can teach us how to stick to him into that freedom.

Absolutely nothing has distracted Christians much more from the accurate mission of Christ in the globe than the misunderstanding that he only came to decide no matter if we go to heaven or hell. He didn’t. He came to rescue us from perishing in the bondage and deception of this evil age and show us the path to accurate life and freedom. In undertaking so, he also showed us how to give that similar journey to other people.

For us, that suggests that we are not alone in something life hurls at us and that just about every resource of wisdom and energy in our Father is obtainable to us at any moment of the day. That is the kingdom of God, and Jesus came into the globe to invite us into that reality just about every day that we reside.

How do we tap that resource? Is praying for an answer adequate? Would that it was. I’m certain you know numerous individuals, like I do, who have sought God desperately at moments of have to have and been hopelessly disappointed by his seeming inactivity on their behalf. I’m certain it is occurred for you, also. Exactly where did we get the notion that we would just contact out to God and he’d wave his magic wand to turn all our pumpkins into chariots?

Honestly, I’m certain I’d just use that energy to get me into even much more problems mainly because if I just use it even to satisfy my finest intentions it would only destroy me. Jesus presented us one thing so considerably much better than a fairy-godmother in the sky.

He presented us a distinct way to reside, inside a partnership with him and his Father by the energy of the Spirit that would open the door into the realm in which our Father dwells. By embracing him there we would commence to see anything differently and he would commence to transform us from the inside, away from our self-focused bias to embrace the highest objective God holds for his Creation. In that partnership, he would teach us how to stroll in this age as lights of a further kingdom. In other words, he didn’t present us answers for our complications, but the chance to reside inside a distinct reality that would save us from the destruction of this age and bring his wisdom and adore to bear on other people.

The kingdom of God is right here! All the wisdom and energy of God is at your disposal, as you come to know him and discover to stick to him. That partnership will challenge everything you believe you know to be accurate. It will unmask your deceptions, expose your selfish ambitions, and invite you down pathways you’d in no way think about with no him. But with him, they will lead to unimaginable depths of discovery and freedom.

If just praying about our wants does not make that take place, what will? We locate his way by truly following him. There seriously is no substitute for that. That is why Jesus came. We do not celebrate the Incarnation by attending a further Christmas pageant or placing a further string of lights on the tree. We celebrate it by leaning into the reality he paid so considerably to give us. His Incarnation was the instance of how Father wanted to stroll alongside us. His death on the cross obliterated the sin and shame that produced us also fearful and also intimidated to sit at his feet and discover his methods. His resurrection empowered us to share the similar partnership with him that Jesus had.

Salvation is identified in following him, in this life, and yes to life beyond as properly. There’s nothing at all sadder to me than an individual desperately wanting God’s support in their life, but just waiting for God to repair it. He’s inviting them to stick to him, to recognize what’s seriously accurate about the circumstance they are in and respond not out of the flesh but in the reality of his kingdom. Is not it awesome that we locate much more comfort in attempting to locate an answer in the suitable book or seminar, when the Spirit of God dwells in us to guide us into truth and to empower us with the similar energy that raised Jesus from the dead?

He desires you to know him, to see into the reality of how God regards you and the scenario you are in, then you will know how to stick to him.  That is all the salvation you will ever have to have. He can take you via something and transform you in the approach to be much more like him and to believe much more like he thinks.

That is what Paul meant when he wrote, “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on issues above, exactly where Christ is seated at the suitable hand of God.” (Col three:1-two) Jesus opened a door for us to see and practical experience what is seriously accurate in the universe by figuring out him. However, we invest also considerably time focused on issues under, on our personal skills or lack of them, and on our personal wisdom, considering it is his. Or we place also considerably stock in religious principles and rituals that have the look of spirituality, but do not support us recognize the truth of what’s going on about us.

Ask him to let you see reality via his eyes. Devote time with him, so that you know what touches his heart and how he thinks in scenarios. Speak with other people who are also mastering to stick to him and let them share what they see. Be conscious that what he sees will practically often be really distinct from what you see. His path will most likely invite you out of your comfort zone and preferred outcomes to stick to him. But don’t forget he is your salvation and there’s no safer spot to be than in him.

Yes, you will locate yourself resisting the truth like I do the initially time I see it. His methods are hardly ever the way I’d naturally believe. As we embrace his increasing revelation, nevertheless, we’ll see how following him is the only way forward. Celebrate this Christmas with a prolonged gaze into the reality of our Father’s kingdom. Draw close to to him and ask him to make himself identified to you and pause adequate to recognize the nudging of passion or wisdom he puts on your heart. Adhere to him as finest you see him every single day and watch what will unfold in your life.

This is the wonderful adventure. You do not have to have all the answers or all the energy, you only have to stick to the 1 who does.

Wayne and Sara with their youngsters and grandchildren on the beach… This is how Christmas appears in Southern California.

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