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by Christine Sine

This is the second Holy Week post I wanted to repost this year. Once again it is one particular that I return to frequently, in particular at this season. As you know I really like gardening and as I get out in my garden in springtime, and watch the resurrection story becoming lived out all about me, I really like to reflect on this stroll that Jesus took. It is so impacting for me that I adapted it for my book The Present of Wonder. I encourage you as you get out into the God’s garden planet that you also could possibly reflect on this excellent journey that Jesus also, no matter no matter whether you are moving into spring or autumn.

In 1511, the German artist Albrecht Dürer fashioned a woodcut of Mary Magdalene’s encounter with the resurrected Jesus as depicted in John 20:15. She has come to the garden tomb seeking for Christ’s physique, as an alternative she finds a really a great deal alive Jesus and she believed he was the gardener.

This phrase is not a throw away line. It is of cosmic significance! Jesus is certainly the gardener of the new creation.

In the book of Genesis, God creates the garden of Eden, and sculpts Adam and Eve out of its soil to have a tendency and care for it. (Genesis two:15). It is right here that God, the cosmic gardener, comes to stroll, to love and interact not just with the caretakers but with all creation. (Genesis three:eight) When Adam and Eve sin they are expelled not just from the garden but also away from this stunning, intimate connection they as soon as enjoyed with God.

Thank you Lord for this day.001

Luckily God did not abandoned creation or these designed to appear just after it. The journey of Holy week is a journey back into the garden of God.

Jesus suffering started in the garden of Gethsemane, a garden exactly where his agony is poured out in drops of blood like sweat, that seep into the earth. His discomfort is symbolic of the discomfort and suffering that became a portion of Adam and Eve’s lives when they had been expelled from the garden of Eden.

On Great Friday there is yet another garden. Jesus, the second Adam, dies at Golgotha and John notes: in the spot exactly where he had been crucified there was a garden. (John 19:41) The garden is a spot of death, and Jesus death like the planting of a seed: Unless a seed is planted in the soil and dies it remains alone, but its death will generate numerous new seeds, a plentiful harvest of new lives (Jn 12:24). 

However right here in this garden, as in all gardens, new life emerges, due to the fact gardens are locations of life and resurrection also. As the gospel of John tells the story, and the artist Durer photos it, Jesus really fittingly and beautifully seems to Mary Magdalene as the gardener. This is the garden of the resurrection, the new creation garden exactly where the new planet of God is revealed in all its glory and anything as soon as far more flourishes.

Whereas the Genesis story starts in paradise (a garden) and ends in our present garden planet of discomfort and suffering, the Easter story starts in the garden of discomfort and suffering and ends in a garden of wholeness and flourishing, a new paradise in which we are as soon as far more capable to stroll intimately with our God and discover abundant provision. In this new garden  Jesus, the head gardener, as soon as far more invites us to be who God designed us to be – stewards of all creation, tending this new paradise of wholeness and abundance so that it as soon as far more flourishes for all the creatures of the earth to love.


In Isaiah 65 and once more in Revelation 21 we see stunning photos of this new garden of God. Life and freedom, wholeness and abundance flourish and we appear forward in hope to its completion.

The challenge we face is to cooperate with Jesus the gardener in the perform of this garden. In numerous strategies God’s new garden is nonetheless in its infancy, and like any newly formed garden, desires to be tended in order to flourish. Soil ought to be fertilized, seeds planted, watered and nurtured. To see it completed we must willingly journey with Jesus from the garden of Gethsemane with its struggle and suffering, by means of the garden of death to the new life that starts in the garden of the resurrection.

The old Adam and Eve had been excluded from the Garden of Eden by a barrier of angels with flaming swords. Jesus the new Adam, ripped apart the barrier with his death and stands prepared to welcome us into the new paradise garden. The barrier that separated us from the holy spot of intimacy with God and God’s planet has been removed. Now with each other with all God’s men and women and certainly with all God’s creation we can enter into the intimacy of connection with God in a restored planet of wholeness and abundance. We ought to continue to till and fertilize the soil, plant seeds of freedom and generosity and wholeness till the complete glory of God’s resurrection designed planet is revealed.

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