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We all know men and women whose fire for The Lord does not burn as hot as it when did. The vibrant light that was such an inspiration, such a beacon for Christ, struggles to even be visible. Possibly you are that individual. You recall the joy of walking so closely to your Savior and now locate the globe smothering your passion.

                As I sat in a bible study the Lord laid an image on my heart that was so clear it filled my thoughts and sparked my imagination. Living a worldly life is comparable to drowning. When we attempt to locate our peace, joy, or goal in earthly items we finish up empty and alone. The lack of fulfillment causes us to struggle tougher and to seek higher extremes to locate the joy we recall. We can recall what we identified in Christ but struggle to locate the foothold we want to quit struggling against drowning in our sinfulness, pride, self-concentrate, and earthly need. I picture the panic and hopelessness of drowning and the inability to overcome the desperation, unable to recall what strong ground felt like. It is kicking and fighting to remain afloat as hope sinks beneath the surface. We appear up from below the water attempting to recall what fresh air in our lungs felt like. It was this type of feeling that triggered the image the Spirit gave me to flourish in my struggling heart.

                We struggle but our Savior walks on water and commands the seas to be calm. When Peter focused on Jesus he was capable to stroll on water also. It is in a Christ focused existence that we can stroll on top rated of the turbulent seas of worldliness, and that Christ can command these waves to be calm or show us how to let the water roll off our back as He leads us by instance. When we take the proper hand of God and permit Him to lead once more, the water we when permitted to cover us becomes a mist, noticeable but harmless.

                We are referred to as to seek initially the kingdom of God, focused on Christ, walking on the water with Him. We can be positive that even when we fall away and drop our concentrate on Him, His concentrate under no circumstances leaves us. His hand is usually outstretched and waiting for us to take it once more. The globe and all of the short-term items in it will quit on us and leave us alone and empty. We have a guarantee that our eternal God will under no circumstances leave nor forsake us. In no way will I leave you under no circumstances will I forsake you. (Hebrews 13:five quoting Deuteronomy 31:six)

I identified the image above, it is the closest a single to the individual image the Spirit gave me. I hope it assists make these words extra genuine and reignites the hope in your heart that will fuel your fire.

But seek initially the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these items will be added to you. (Matthew six:33)


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