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Andrzej leads a tiny intentional missional neighborhood in Hillsborough, Sheffield, named Healing Rivers. Aidan asked him a handful of queries about what led them to move there and how God’s major them in straightforward missional neighborhood.

Hi Andrzej. Firstly, who are you and what are you undertaking?

We are a tiny intentional missional neighborhood in the region of Hillsborough. We’re incredibly substantially inside the regional neighborhood in that we reside in a tiny mid-terraced house in a standard street. We’re in search of to reside a single step at a time with God, moving in risky faith a single step at a time and believing for massive issues in the future.

All of Healing Rivers on vacation final summer time in Nefyn, Wales

It is only tiny beginnings at the moment, we’ve not got something to trumpet about substantially but there are lots of great indicators. We are expectant, constructive, we know God’s with us and we’re on a bit of an adventure since we do not know what’s about the corner. We have some vision for the region, lots of issues that are taking place.

When I say we’re tiny, there’s 4 of us in a 3 bedroom property so we’re complete up. By intentional I imply we’ve selected to be collectively for the sake of the kingdom, of the gospel. Missional since we’re in the region for the region, to be applied of God to transform it, so we’re reaching out to men and women in the course of our everyday lives. And neighborhood: we function for all intents and purposes like a household.

What would you say is your mission?

To see Hillsborough transformed via the energy of the gospel, specifically via healing and indicators and wonders. A lot of men and women will need healing these days. Healing is a massive word, encompassed in the word ‘salvation’. It is about wholeness.

Several Christians in the Hillsborough region have had a vision and have been praying for the similar point for several years now, extended prior to we came along. We’re operating with them and believing that there’s going to be a supernatural healing revival in Hillsborough.

Is that exactly where the name Healing Rivers came from?

I suppose so. We haven’t specifically gone out of our way to transform our name, it came out of the blue pretty much.

A bit of history: close to exactly where we reside the river Loxley comes down from some dams and is joined by the river Rivelin at a location named Watersmeet, not far from exactly where we reside. Then additional down the valley the river Loxley joins the river Don, so it is an region exactly where rivers join, but also the region exactly where the Fantastic Sheffield Flood occurred in 1864.

Shining as a distinct presence on their street at Halloween

The population of Sheffield had grown from about 45,000 in 1801 to 185,000 in 1861, so in 60 years it had quadrupled. There was a lot of business, far more men and women settling and a lot of poverty as well. To accommodate all these further men and women all these dams and reservoirs have been becoming constructed to present water, and this a single dam had a crack. As it was becoming filled in March 1864 it broke and a wall of water cascaded down the valley and entirely demolished 130 homes, killed about 240 men and women and flowed on down into Sheffield.

It was a massive point. It hit the national papers and woke the southern portion of England to the poverty, to the plight of men and women in Sheffield.

1864 was not that extended ago, seriously. There are nonetheless generations of men and women living in the shadow of that disaster. Of course we all know of a further disaster that occurred right here in 1989 and I was involved as a medical doctor in the regional hospital at the time.

So Hillsborough has the word ‘disaster’ more than it, and we are living to see its name or reputation changed to that of “Hillsborough revival”.

1 of the men and women we met in Hillsborough had a vision: she saw a flood coming down into Hillsborough and Jesus walking with it. This was a various sort of flood, a flood of grace and mercy, a flood of healing. So we think we’re portion of one thing larger. God has applied Selected Pearl (as we have been) for healing more than the decades, and we’re now incredibly involved in the healing ministry that is going on in Hillsborough at the moment. So it seemed a great name, witnessed to by regional Christians, saying we’re to be channels of one thing that God’s undertaking: Healing Rivers.

God spoke to us from Isaiah 43:18-19:

Bear in mind not the former issues,
nor contemplate the issues of old.
Behold, I am undertaking a new point
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert.

That word has spoken to us for a extended time but each and every so generally it comes far more to the forefront. In Hillsborough I believe there’s a lot of hurt, a lot of unbelief now, but my practical experience is that men and women are open. We extended to bring them back.

That leads into my subsequent query: why did you select Hillsborough?

A handful of years ago Hillsborough hadn’t entered my thoughts. The move was in measure pragmatic.

Following living as portion of a bigger church household who looked soon after us incredibly nicely, we realised we have been acquiring it tough to discover our personal identity as a group. 3 years ago a single of our close members was facing homelessness, potentially seriously struggling, it was going to be awful for him. This was a nudge for us, and God stated incredibly clearly to me “look at the brother in front of you and trust Me for the rest”. We saw it as our chance to make a move.

So even though deciding exactly where we really should move to I asked a member of our church who didn’t know Sheffield for some prophetic path and he stated “I see a tank, a helicopter, some barracks, a park”. Hillsborough is identified for its barracks and park and we located this to be one thing of a confirmation to us. There have been also two couples from the congregation currently living in the region.

Doors opened incredibly speedily. We located a location pretty speedily, but we located confirmation of the reality that we really should be in Hillsborough only soon after we moved. We didn’t seriously know why we really should be there or what for till soon after moving when issues have unfolded for us. We also only found soon after we had moved that in 1991 some JF church guys would routinely travel up to evangelise on Hillsborough corner and a single brother prophesied that there would be a JF neighborhood in Hillsborough a single day.

In addition, it turns out our landlord knew about the guy we have been searching soon after and about our church, so he was incredibly supportive of us. All the connections we located taking place from correct soon after we moved in, in particular with regional Christians, have been merely wonderful. Fundamentally, due to the fact moving we’ve had confirmation soon after confirmation that it is the correct location.

How do you define neighborhood and what is distinctive about your type of neighborhood?

It is a massive word, but frequent-unity is essentially it. Our neighborhood suggests that we’re collectively and we’re united. We’re Christians so our unity is centred on Jesus.

We’ve moved away from the blueprint and routines of the wider NCCC so we’re pretty much beginning from scratch to see what occurs organically. You could get in touch with it a reaction or rebellion but we’ve just wanted to wipe the slate clean, finding away from expectations, from the usual church diary, from routine, from merely going via the motions and also from becoming attached to an administrative machine in terms of our frequent purse. We’re pioneering a easier way to share cash.

Our uniqueness is that we’re tiny, correct in the middle of a standard street, mixing with men and women. 3 of us share a bank account. We’re in a position to be distinctive, far more spontaneous and absolutely free with our generosity.

We’ve majored on creating hyperlinks and operating with other Christians. Perhaps that is somewhat distinctive. All of our fellowship are involved which includes Lois who’s 83: on Mondays she visits a regional couple, playing their piano. We’re involved in healing on the streets with Christians from about five churches each and every other Saturday. I’m involved in Healing Rooms with five or six churches represented.

Inside 7 months of moving we hosted the Hillsborough Christian leaders network in our property. Regardless of not getting a complete congregation ourselves they welcomed me in. I believe we’ve impacted them and they’ve been incredibly welcoming. We have a portion to play, but incredibly substantially alongside other Christians.

Sharron operates in the region and her job requires her into people’s residences on nearby streets. The word to us more than the previous handful of years to us has been to network and connect with regional Christians. Going forward we’re not going to be operating on our personal. God’s going to bless our unity for the sake of Hillsborough.

What would you say to a person who is feeling stirred, who feels God major them into some type of mission focused neighborhood, but who does not pretty know what to do?

God can see your heart. Occasionally these desires can be covered up a bit, we can drop heart, I’ve been there. We can pretty much quit dreaming. Fortunately God revived that in me but I did go via a tough time when I felt it was going nowhere. When you get the feeling in your heart you have to trust it is from God.

The second point is to steer clear of attempting to purpose your way into it, steer clear of becoming as well logical and strategic, even. I’ve attempted to do that in the previous and it does not seriously function. The ideal issues that occur, the issues that are of God, do not occur since of all our arranging. I’ve located the journey is a a single-step-at-a-time journey. It pretty much appears like God loves that way of operating. You do not know what’s about the corner but you know that there’s an anointing as you take that step. Obedience, a single step at a time, not rushing ahead. I have to strive to enter into rest and I have great men and women about me who slow me down.

It is fascinating, it is an adventure. To be sincere I can not give you a formula since I’m not even confident how it is all occurred. All I know is that issues have fallen into location in the most exceptional strategies. I haven’t even offered you half the stories of how God’s fingerprints have been all more than happenings, encounters, becoming in the correct location at the correct time. You know it is God.

God will meet us when we’re ready to threat.

Any final thoughts?

Isaiah 43:18-19 is likely incredibly relevant to our complete church. Even although we’ve launched out in our personal way we’re a single in heart with several JF men and women about the nation, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the word to us is relevant to several far more. God is saying neglect the previous. Items may well appear desolate but I’m undertaking a new point in the wasteland.


Healing Rooms

Healing Rooms is portion of the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) primarily based in Spokane, Washington, USA. The original movement was began by John G Lake in 1915 and the present worldwide movement was “rebirthed” in 1999.

The Rooms are areas exactly where groups of Christians who firmly think that healing is a very important portion of proclaiming the gospel and that we have authority to heal (as opposed to praying for healing) present a space for any one to come and obtain healing and/or prayer.

In Hillsborough these are in a location named The Arena (a tiny sports hall) correct subsequent to Hillsborough Park, exactly where about 10-12 Christians from five-six churches collect every Tuesday morning for an hour of prayer, worship and fellowship following which they split into teams for healing and intercession and are open to the public for 1 ½ hours. The numbers are nonetheless tiny but several maintain returning as they are tremendously blessed.

Hyperlink: Healing Rooms England &amp Wales

Bee Blest

Andrzej has not too long ago launched a Kingdom Social Enterprise named Bee Blest, in which they function with honeybees to enable lift men and women out of poverty. This faith venture impacts the atmosphere, disadvantaged regional men and women and poor Third Planet communities such as the New Humanity Christian neighborhood in Rwanda by enabling bee business enterprise commence-ups.

Hyperlink: Bee Blest


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