SHARING (+ cringing) ABOUT Initially NOVELS A Writer’s Faith


Hello, absolutely everyone!

Just final month, on January 18th, was my 4 year writing anniversary! (however I entirely forgot about it at the time so there was no celebrating. boo-hoo) But now that I remembered, I’ve been considering a lot about how I’ve grown all through my writing journey. I like nostalgic points, so I opened up the document of my 1st novel I ever wrote.

Um. I Did not BRACE MYSELF FOR THE HORRORS I WOULD SET MY EYES ON. It… it was poor. Laughably poor. Just after I got more than the shock that I wrote this, it was fairly enjoyable shaking my head at the naivety of my younger self. (I imply, genuinely, Katie? It took your characters days to enter The Really Evil Castle, but had been in a position to prance household with no problems as soon as they defeated The Evil Dude Who Was Coincidentally Their Uncle???)

Yeah, extremely believed out and effectively-planned. Ha, go me.

Anyway, I wanted to showcase some of the cringy elements of my 1st novel, and some excellent writing mates of mine volunteered to to show theirs as effectively! (I appreciate your brave souls)

Just to be clear: the goal of this post is to show that each and every writer begins someplace. Even even though most of us do not know what we’re undertaking for our 1st novel, it really is an incredibly vital component of the writer’s journey! I’ve study stories from pretty much all of these writers beneath, and can assure you how awesome and great they had been.

I’ve kept the author of every 1st novel anonymous, even though I am linking back to all of their blogs at the finish of the post, so be confident to verify them out. ūüôā

Initially NOVEL #1
began in 2011

  • ¬†main characters had been twins separated at birth¬†
  • of course they attend a magical college that entirely wasn’t a hogwarts ripoff¬†
  • extremely inexplicable magical skills
  • 1 extended lost twin was a werewolf
    • author sent that twin to reside with an evil aunt
  • the villain was a guy who taught “magical defense” which wasn’t something like defense against the dark arts, thoughts you
  • practically no action tags ever

Initially NOVEL #two
began in 2011

  • the nefarious villain (in the 1st confrontation with the heroine) replied to the MC’s query with, “it really is sort of complex. I will clarify later.”
  • the MC is The Only A single who had the energy to discover the magical charms the villain was soon after and save the planet
  • characters bursting into tears at each and every climatic turn of events
  • kid characters spending a week at a camp and all of a sudden gaining the potential to defeat complete grown soldiers with their bare hands
  • facing the wind as tears stream, whispering anything to the distance like, “I will discover you” or “just hold on”
  • having out of dire situations by summoning particular elements of magic the character did not know they had… then obtaining that magic in no way show up once again and the character in no way give it yet another thought¬†

Initially NOVEL #three
began in 2011

  • 1 of the characters was an amputee at the starting of the novel… halfway by way of the author gave him his leg back
  • there had been not 1, but TWO sets of extended lost brothers wandering about, but they had amnesia so they did not know they had been chillin’ with their bros the entire time
  • each and every. single. individual. had a appreciate interest or triangle
  • there was a potato fight¬†

Initially NOVEL #four
began in 2014

  • daughters and parents could not possibly get alone
  • oh! appear! The Selected A single from the Prophecy!
  • no descriptions… at all¬†
  • the Powerful Female Character who is¬†way far better than absolutely everyone else
  • nooo, you’d in no way guess it but now the mentor character is gone¬†

Initially NOVEL #five
began in 2014

  • magical objects had been inserted into the story for the reason that the author regarded as it “cool”
  • in no way utilized a easy “mentioned” dialogue tag, opting rather to use “he chortled ridiculously” and the like
  • a character was made solely for the goal of a heart-wrenching death
  • there was no conclusion — the story ended straight away soon after the climax
  • so lots of dramatic, capitalized words
    • instance: “But how will we SURVIVE?” You are CRAZY!”
  • adverbs listed in just 1 web page: naturally, simultaneously, surprisingly, politely, quizzically(x2), confusedly, inwardly, boringly, breathlessly, excitedly

Initially NOVEL #six
began in 2014

  • Hunger Games rip-off¬†
  • character made only to be the appreciate interest
  • Selected A single Trope
  • created of two components that did not have something to do with every other
  • surprise, you happen to be adopted!
  • surprise, you happen to be the missing princess and there is a prophecy about you!¬†

Initially NOVEL #7
began in 2011

  • speaking horses everywhere¬†
    • even the villain was a horse
  • wildly overusing the Selected A single trope
  • SO A great deal comfort
    • actually a flying sword saved the characters as soon as
  • significantly walking, not significantly action
  • such choppy dialogue
  • pretty much no action tags
  • stole names of characters from books¬†+ games¬†+ films that the author liked

Initially NOVEL #eight
began in 2008

  • cookie cutter characters that could not assume for themselves¬†
    • (i.e. – there was in no way conflict amongst characters on the identical “side” for the reason that they all believed and believed the identical points)
  • the key character’s motivation was Mainly because THEY Had been ANGRY ABOUT STUFF, OKAY?!?
  • everyone in this medieval setting speaking like little ones from 2008
  • wait, why are the characters going to this spot? Mainly because They are ANGRY ABOUT STUFF, OKAY?!?
  • entirely, ridiculously, piteously, unrealistic fight scenes exactly where 1 character would kill like ten males by himself with no suffering any wounds whatsoever
  • also men and women killing willy-nilly with no mental side effects/trauma
  • …and they had been killing for the reason that THEY Had been ANGRY ABOUT STUFF, OKAY?!
  • also characters suffering lots of mortal wounds, and rather of dying like regular men and women, they just. kept, going. for the reason that they had been great men and women who could just rip the arrow suitable out of their stomach and maintain fighting for the subsequent 3 days

Properly, there you have it. Hopefully you happen to be in a position to collect some encouragement this! Even these awesome bloggers listed above had their 1st novel woes. (*cringes each and every time I scroll previous my 1st novel description*)

Such is the journey of a writer. xD

katie grace

alright, now it really is your turn. what had been some of the cringy elements of your 1st novel?


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