Second Sunday of Lent | The Neighborhood of Jesus


I maintain considering about spring cleaning, and how Lent is like spiritual spring cleaning. It is a time of inwardly quieting ourselves so that we can examine the points in us that stop a closer partnership with Jesus.

I’m refreshed by this distinct time set aside to be with Jesus and to be recognized, particularly to ourselves. When we accept our need to have, Jesus can then heal the wounded locations that block our partnership with Him and with other individuals. Of course, only He can cleanse and get rid of these locations, but by trusting and performing our aspect, we permit Him to make us clean and complete.

As we operate on our “spring cleaning,” we may well locate fewer locations to get snagged by temptation. The exact same way a mirror or glass demands the dust, and rough dirt polished smooth to stop additional dirt collecting, we need to have our souls to have the sharp edges planed. The additional dust (or sin) that has been removed and cleansed, the additional light will be reflected.

What a terrific way to prepare for Easter!

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