Our 7 Every day Action Measures to a Greater Marriage


Marriage is one of a kind. And it really is meant for a couple to delight in every other, to appreciate deeply, find out and develop collectively, construct collectively, leave a legacy for youngsters and grandchildren and most importantly, it really is a spiritual discipline created to assistance you know God superior. 



 Our 7 Every day Action Measures to a Greater Marriage:


1. Attend Church weekly collectively. Serve With each other. 


two. We will not be a aspect of something that could have an effect on our marriage in a damaging way. 


three. We will often seek God for path and in occasions of want.


four. We will pray collectively every day and speedy collectively typically.


five. We will make choices primarily based on Biblical Principles.


six. We will devote top quality time collectively which includes date nights typically.     


7. We will encourage and uplift every other. 


What are you committed to carrying out every day or weekly to superior your marriage? 



Till subsequent time….


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Joy and Blessings,


Anita Powell

Certified Life and Marriage Coach | Inspirational Speaker| 

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