Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary adopts the Nashville Statement as a confessional regular. – CBMW


The Baptist Press reports that the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has adopted The Nashville Statement as a confessional regular. We will have far more to say about this in the close to future, but for now here’s an excerpt from the report:

MBTS President Jason Allen announced to the board a need to have for the college to adopt the Nashville Statement, which was published in 2017 by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood in partnership with the Ethics &amp Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. The document is a statement of faith relating to human sexuality and gender roles. The statement expresses assistance for biblical definition of marriage, for faithfulness inside marriage, for chastity outdoors marriage, and for a hyperlink involving biological sex and self-conception as male and female. To study the Nashville Statement in its entirety, go to https://cbmw.org/nashville-statement.

“In light of ever-altering cultural norms and expectations toward marriage, gender, and sexuality, and in recognition that Southern Baptists are a confessional individuals, expecting their entities to sustain faithfulness to Holy Scripture and a clear witness to the globe, Midwestern Seminary will strengthen its doctrinal clarity, witness, and legal standing by formally adopting the Nashville Statement,” Allen mentioned.

In a recommendation originating in the seminary’s executive committee and brought just before the complete board, the motion to adopt the statement passed unanimously.

This is great news out of Kansas City, and it is specifically why the Nashville Statement was made in the very first place–to help churches and Christian ministries to articulate a biblically faithful confession of the Bible’s teaching about sexuality.

Thanks to President Jason Allen for his leadership in producing this come about at Midwestern Seminary. The trustees have created a powerful statement of conviction to serve as a guideline for their complete ministry. That can only bear great fruit in the days ahead.


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