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Final Friday I picked up a book containing the most vital letters ever written. The letters had been penned by all sorts of historical figures. But the book contained no letters from Jesus. Not 1. I cannot say I was shocked. Most persons do not know that Jesus sent letters.

Do you know that the Son of God sent letters from heaven?

The letters from Jesus might be the most vital letters you ever study. How strange then, that numerous do not know they exist, and these who do are afraid of them. Which is a shame, for the reason that the letters from Jesus are spectacular!

My new book, Letters from Jesus: Locating Very good News in Christ’s Letters to the Churches, comes out now.

Why did I create it? I wrote so that you might know that God is great and he loves you far much more than you can possibly visualize. No matter whether you are a saint or a sinner, a achievement or a loser, his really like for you is unfathomable. The hypergrace gospel that was revealed in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ is brilliantly displayed in his letters.

“But Paul, his letters are complete of scary language.” So is the Bible, however you study that and are encouraged by it. Just as we want to rightly divide scripture, there is a proper way and a incorrect way to study the letters from Jesus. In my book I clarify the distinction.

“But Jesus is terrifying in his letters. He’s got fiery eyes and swords.” Then permit me to show you how the seven portraits of Jesus discovered in his letters are glorious photographs of a King who loves you. And they are distinctive, for they are discovered nowhere else in scripture.

“But his letters have been sent to other persons. They are not for me.” You could say the exact same issue about the letters from Paul, Peter, and John. If you have been blessed by the letters to the Romans and Philippians, you can count on to be blessed by the letters to the Ephesians and Laodiceans. They are complete of treasures.

My mission, this Christmas, is to provide the mail. I want to see that you get what’s coming to you, which is Pretty Very good News straight from the heavenly throne of grace.

It is Very good News such as the planet barely knows.

It is Very good News that brings terrific joy to these who obtain it.

You can discover Letters from Jesus on the Kindle retailer. You can also get it in other ebook formats (PDF, ePub, and Mobi) here. (The paperback comes out subsequent Easter.)

Grab a copy of Letters for oneself and present 1 to your pastor, your mom, your Sunday College teacher, and any one else who requirements some Very good News this Christmas.

Delighted Christmas, and Delighted Reading!




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