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Psalm 91 talks of a “secret location” exactly where these who have produced the Lord their refuge can dwell, in self-assurance that they are inaccessible to ‘pestilence’, sudden death, slander, evil plots and snares. I want to reside there.


But access to the secret location is not automatic. It is accomplished by discipline and a thirsting right after God that is a continuous necessity. Only when a believer has what the Amplified Bible calls “a private expertise of [His] mercy really like and kindness, trusts and relies on [Him], being aware of [He] will in no way forsake him, no, in no way” (Psalm 91:14) can he or she “dwell” in this secret location of peace and self-assurance. The secret location belongs to God, so we can remain there if we are nicely recognized to Him and really like to be in His organization.


Often, Christians get complacent. We lapse into a sort of tepid, twilight existence exactly where our awareness of our identity in Christ becomes dim, alternatively of the burning light it ought to be. We possibly watch also substantially secular Television, share in also lots of non-Christian conversations  or get complacent about the sort of films and books we consume (Garbage in Garbage  out – GIGO – or, a additional current expansion of this phrase, Garbage in, Gospel Out, to describe the perils of trusting also substantially in laptop or computer processing, is applicable actually, right here) and surprise, surprise, we discover ourselves reacting to life’s tribulations and petty upsets in strategies that are not Godly the ‘old man’ has moved back in. And then, we get depressed, disillusioned and start out to wonder what life’s all about …


I am definitely speaking from knowledge. I have lately gone via a season in which Bible reading, every day prayer and even church attendance had been significantly less desirable or compelling. It seemed as although God was taking time away from me I could not sense His presence as I generally can and He wasn’t communicating with me in the myriad strategies I have come to comprehend are how He tends to make make contact with. I wondered if I was getting tested in some way but I wondered with out suitable concern. I was spiritually numb, all of a sudden, but not inclined to fight vigorously for revival.


In this season, I was shocked at a handful of items I did. I told a risqué joke that produced my soul curl in shame. I realised that such remarks or comments employed to be commonplace and unremarkable components of my every day communication. I reacted with aggression when an encounter with some strangers became essential of one thing I did and I swore fulsomely although defending myself. I lost my peace and became exasperated and insulting when an individual let me down. Once again, items the ‘old’ me would have carried out with out batting an eyelid. The globe seemed commonly significantly less fascinating. My sleep pattern deteriorated and I started to have thoughts and dreams of items lengthy ago and ‘laid down’ when I was baptised and saved.


Eleven years into a stroll with God, these items had been grievous to me. My shame was the start out of my recovery. I realised that penitence was essential and that what I was feeling was nothing at all significantly less than Holy Spirit conviction – a warning from inside – that if I did not wake up quickly, I may start out defending myself against conviction and then, I would be in really serious difficulty.


When I had listened at final, God was clearly audible once again. Of course, He had gone nowhere I had left “the secret location”.


I began to study my Bible once again and apt verses jumped out at me Psalm 145 urged to me to reflect anew on God’s mercy and to praise Him, reminding me that “The Lord is close to to all who contact upon Him sincerely and in truth” (verse 18) and:


He will fulfill the desires of these who reverently and worshipfully worry Him He will also hear their cry and will save them” (19)


A book I study years ago, that had a significant effect on my life, referred to as “23 Minutes in Hell” by Bill Wiese, came strongly into my thoughts and I revisited Wiese’s warnings about the devil’s agenda to snare, kill, steal and destroy, and the pretty grim reality of Hell.  I watched Wiese describe his knowledge of getting taken to Hell, in an ‘out of physique experience’, on November 23rd, 1998, as expounded in a youtube video of a ‘preach’ he did in February 2018 . I very suggest it.( 


I also ‘stumbled across’ a excellent interview amongst Sid Roth – evangelical Messianic Jew, broadcaster, journalist – and a lady referred to as Laurie Ditto. While a Christian and happily married, Ditto, years ago, became so depressed that she became suicidal. She was miraculously delivered from her illness – from her medication and a 60 cigarette-a-day addiction –  and provided the present of tongues and additional astoundingly, she was taken to Heaven and met with Jesus. She also went to Hell, in a vision, and was produced conscious of a rather perfidious belief held by lots of Christians – the ‘Once Saved Normally Saved’ lie. 


We can’t afford to grow to be lukewarm. If we are not vigilant with our souls, we slip from the secret location in which we commune with God, our Father and Jesus our closest pal and Advocate. We slip from protection and the arrow that flies by day and the pestilence that stalks by darkness could discover their target. 


Ditto saw a quantity of her Christian relatives in Hell, for the sin of unforgiveness. Terrifying. I realised that I had had a timely reminder of the absurdly abundant grace of God that has delivered me from damnation. “No a single is Great” mentioned Jesus (Mark 10:18) and Paul warns that we could “by no suggests” continue to sin, right after we have been saved by His Grace (Romans six:15). 


We can shed our salvation. When Saved Normally Saved (OSAS) is nothing at all significantly less than a satanic deception, according to Ditto. And I wholly concur my spirit discerns it is so.


Now, Ditto ends every single day by asking God to reveal to her any transgressions she has committed in the prior 24 hours and, beneath God’s path, she sorts them according to whether or not they are mere ‘immaturities’ or sins of rebellion. In the very first instance, God convicts her of ‘conduct unbecoming’ of a Christ-follower and she resolves to attempt and prevent repeating these errors. Exactly where she has sinned and grieved the Holy Spirit  – maybe with unforgiveness – she is necessary and compelled to place items ideal, as nicely as repent. She says she has “produced a salt covenant with [her] tongue”, for “each and every sin is recorded” and we can do such terrible spiritual harm with our tongues.


Applying discipline and vigilance to her life,  Laurie Ditto guarantees she “dwells” in the secret location. By so carrying out, she preserves her miraculous healing (is protected from pestilence) and, in travelling the globe to bring her message, that OSAS is a demonic deception, she is guaranteeing that we Christians could be on guard against the lion that prowls outdoors “the secret location” as described in Psalm 91, waiting to devour us, must we leave it.  


Keep alert! Watch out for your excellent enemy, the devil. He prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking for an individual to devour. 9 Stand firm against him, and be powerful in your faith. Bear in mind that your loved ones of believers[a] all more than the globe is going via the exact same type of suffering you are.”

1 Peter five:eight (NLT)



















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