Interview with Wendy Capewell – Author of “From Surviving to Thriving in a Romantic Connection”


June 11, 2018 12:31 pm

Q.   Congratulations on your book Wendy.  Can you give us a summary of what it is all about?

A.  Relationships go by means of all sorts of stages.  It begins with the romantic, or honeymoon stage, exactly where appreciate appears so effortless, and folks do not see or overlook the other’s significantly less endearing habits. When folks are asked why attracts them to the individual they fell in appreciate with, they usually respond with the physical attraction, and then say they like the similar activities, but as we know these points adjust in time, so I think its superior to appear beyond these – at core beliefs and values, as they are a lot more probably to hold a connection with each other  and sustain it by means of the hard occasions. As a connection moves forward life events can influence a connection, such as moving in with each other, having married, a infant, blended households, affairs and so forth.  as nicely as the emotional challenges couples could face, such as communication troubles, or the need to have for time and space on their personal. Every chapter of the book  focusses on 1 of these region. The reader can then be ready for these events and program ahead, or fully grasp what they can do if they are at present facing them. It also delivers workout routines &amp questionnaires that couples or men and women can take to enable and assistance them. ( The Kindle Version has a hyperlink to download them)

Q.  If I was struggling in a connection how can the book enable me currently? 

A.  It a seriously quick book to dip in and out of, so readers can just appear up the point they are struggling with at the time, and obtain some thing that will enable them. Or equally they can study the relevant chapter for some thing they could face in the future. 

Q.  We entirely agree that all relationships are various. Can inform us a lot more about this from your viewpoint?

 A.  I consider as well usually folks appear about at their mates – or even media hype and examine themselves to other individuals. This locations a substantial stress on couples, simply because they really feel their connection is not measuring up. They see the grass as hunting greener more than the other side of the fence, and it appears a lot more inviting. This leads to discontentment and can lead to affairs. As lengthy as two folks are each pleased in their connection, it does not matter what any person else thinks. If it operates for them that is the most significant point.

Q.  Our clientele are all impacted by affairs. Getting them, suspecting them or are the lead to of a connection. Do you see clientele who are experiencing the similar and how do you enable?

A.  I usually see clientele exactly where 1 or in some cases each have had affairs, and also these exactly where affairs are suspected. I think that affairs or cheating most occasions are a symptom and not the lead to. I’m far a lot more interested in what else is going on in the connection for the affair to occur. Usually the ‘innocent’ 1 feels they haven’t completed something incorrect, but when we start out to appear deeper, hunting deeper at the element they played, which is seriously hard,  but  possibly they neglected their companion, or the connection as a entire. Possibly they didn’t listen when their companion raised issues.  I encourage them each and every to see the other individuals viewpoint. The 1 who has cheated  typically desires to move forward and place it all behind them, whereas the 1 on the getting finish is devastated as their trust has been broken and its impacted their self worth, lost as to the explanation why they haven’t ‘been superior enough’. I encourage them to listen to each and every other, and hear the other’s truth, with out interrupting. When they are in a position to do that they can usually study a lot more about each and every other and how to repair the connection. Its definitely incredibly difficult to specifically if the affair is nonetheless raw, and they are not in a spot to do that.  So it is a case of taking points gradually. 

 Q.  Sadly affairs will generally occur but how they start out, what they consist of and how they finish is a quick altering landscape. What adjustments have you noticed in this region?

A.  Social media and technologies play a substantial element. Its created affairs far less difficult. Whereas ahead of the online flirting would nonetheless occur, it would take a lot a lot more work to turn it into some thing a lot more.  Possibly there was a lot more time to weigh up the consequences of taking the subsequent step. Now it just requires a couple of finger strokes to connect, and that seemingly innocent flirting turns into some thing a lot more a great deal a lot more rapidly. People today get discovered out due to carelessness, they overlook to erase messages. Or they use social media to connect, which is a great deal less difficult to be found. Private messages can be discovered by partners, mates and neighbours share their issues by way of social media. People today blatantly disrespectfully chat to an individual else suitable below the nose of their companion, having caught up with the excitement of it, and entirely ignoring their partner’s feelings. 

Q.  How do you view internet websites set up purely to connect attached folks, encouraging affairs?

A.  I guess if an individual desires to cheat on their companion they will obtain a way. Every person has to take duty for their actions. Alcohol and cigarettes are freely readily available, and everybody knows the dangers linked with them. It is the similar when an individual requires these initial methods towards cheating. They have to actively seek out the web pages, rather of taking the adult view of speaking points by means of with their companion. So I’m unsure whether or not it tends to make it less difficult or not. 

Q.  As counsellors who see the destruction affairs lead to on a each day basis, is there a lot more we can do to highlight the feasible consequences?

A.  I guess we can only highlight the consequences at each and every chance, whether or not in articles or discussions with folks. Often they listen, and we can only hope they will see the trail of devastation it causes to kids, loved ones, and even themselves. But usually folks just are not ready to see that, till its as well late and the harm has been completed.

Q.  Other than the temptations of affair internet websites, what are the other primary causes clientele that you have noticed are obtaining affairs?

A. Usually folks have affairs simply because they really feel they are not loved, or shown appreciation by their companion. As quickly as an individual outdoors does that, their heads are turned. I would say that is the primary lead to of affairs in my encounter. 

Q.  What would you say are the three most significant things in a healthier connection?

A.  I think there are 3 primary components which I contact the three C’s. 

Caring – demonstrating loving care and focus to each and every other in words and gestures each and every day. They do not have to be grand gestures, but demonstrating that care in little frequent approaches, keeps the spark alive. Accepting the other as they are and loving them regardless of their foibles, as we also have them as well. Cheering the other 1 on and supporting them in their achievements. 

Commitment – becoming committed to the other individual and producing the connection operate, even by means of the hard and attempting occasions, of which there are quite a few in all relationships. Not providing up at the initial trouble, and recognising there will be occasions when they will not specifically like each and every other, but understanding that they have each and every other’s backs. Its about accepting that relationships are about two imperfect folks performing their finest.

Communication – Listening to each and every other,  providing each and every other their complete focus, and then responding to what they say – rather of what you believed they stated! Fantastic communication is the cornerstone of all relationships. Its not just the transactional each and every day conversations of each day  routine. But sharing thoughts, issues, dreams and targets. Communication is also  a lot more than words, its about connecting with bodies as well. Kissing, cuddling, stroking and sex are all approaches of communicating with each and every other. 

Q.  Self-care for counsellors is crucial to our operate – how do you unwind?

A.  I appreciate the countryside, and am fortunate sufficient to be surrounded by it. So walking in the peace and quiet of nature relaxes and grounds me. I also get pleasure from socialising with mates and loved ones,  as this re- energises me. 

‘From Surviving to Thriving in a Romantic Connection ‘. Readily available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle. 

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