I Use Sonix to Transcribe Audio Recorded Sermons


I’ve been a pastor and public speaker for more than 35 years.

All these jokes about pastors functioning one particular day a week are familiar to me. I laugh at them as well, but if you have been a pastor for any length of time, you know that these jokes are not even close to the truth.

Optically, pastors are observed after a week by most persons.

Virtually, pastors function each and every day of the week.

The hurting and the dying are in the numerical minority, but they make up the majority of the workload for pastors in between these instances the pastor is functioning on fresh, relevant sermon series, or preparing for the subsequent committee and employees meeting, or other duties connected with pastoring.

Only pastors of massive churches with a massive employees who aid with funerals, counseling, preparing, and other pastoral responsibilities have had the time to create for the objective of publishing books.

That is, till now.

Sonix is a service I use to transcribe my sermons. It really is propriety artificial intelligence algorithm requires any uploaded audio (or video) file of my public speaking and transcribes them with a 98% accuracy for words and a higher than 95% accuracy on sentence and paragraph structure.

Transcribing sermons to turn them into published books is now super straightforward.

Of course, there will nonetheless have to be the editing of a Sonix transcript, but the time expected to get eight pages of a typed manuscript is decreased by 98% (two minutes to get a Sonix transcript compared to two hours of human typing). It really is astounding to see such a swift and accurately typed manuscript of your spoken words.

Let me show you how it operates.

Develop your personal Sonix account.

Then select an audio file you want to upload.

Our church uploads each audio files (podcast) and video files (Vimeo) to the Web.

Your church may well do neither, but you can nonetheless use Sonix if you just have an MP3 or MP4 recording of your sermon on your computer system.

Let me give you an instance of the solution.

I downloaded the MP4 Video file of my February three, 2019, to my computer system, a message entitled “Thoughts that Thinks “By no means Looking for, Constantly Pursued” from our Vimeo account (if your sound booth requires a digital recording of your sermon, ask them to send you a copy of the digital file).

Then I uploaded my MP4 file to my account at Sonix.

I hit the “Transcribe” button in my account, and inside two minutes, Sonix sends me an e-mail saying my transcription file is prepared.

Study under the 1st web page of an eight-web page transcript of my February three, 2019, sermon from the Face of Grace series.  Sonix transcribed in two minutes and gave to me in Word format.  I‘ve completed practically nothing to the Sonix transcript under. It really is raw, no edits.

You can watch the starting of my February three sermon right here to test the accuracy of the transcript from Sonix.

Wade Burleson A Thoughts That Thinks By no means Looking for Constantly Pursued – Feb. three.mp4 

I do not know how numerous of you like to travel but I’ve been about the United States and have had the privilege of going to other nations. I have to say to you although I have under no circumstances observed much more lovely landscape than western Oklahoma. This week I drove about two and a half hours to sentinel for the funeral of Tom Martin’s mother Mae and I took the back roads. I came back by means of Fairview and oh my word. I feel living in western Oklahoma we get employed to it but if you ever take a moment just to appear about in our 1st service this morning a lady from Fairview Dorothy she’s in her 80s. She told me that legend says that a individual climbed the glass mountains looked about and stated My what a fair view. And correct down there in the valley, a city known as Fairview was began. I will not ask a query how numerous of you in this auditorium have at one particular time or a different lived in Fairview Oklahoma. Lift your hand anyone. 

OK, I see about a dozen of you. Properly in the second service this morning a couple from Fairview was present Garen and IVA Martins. They’ve been coming to a manual for about 19 years pretty much 20. And when you get up on Sunday morning and get dressed and come to corporate worship I know it really is a good deal of sacrifice in some cases to come to get the children prepared and and to come to Emmanuel but these people along with other individuals drive from Fairview each and every single Sunday 35 miles Garen wrote me an e-mail quite a few months ago and he gave me permission to study a portion of it to you as I stated he and his wife even started attending in 1999 and they joined Emmanuel in November of 2000 and in his e-mail he stated Pastor I came across my individual journal from December 2000 and one particular exactly where I wrote these words a new me has emerged one particular who understands grace and God’s acceptance of me with no my operates I was constantly incapable of meeting the expectations that I and other individuals placed on me to seal my salvation.


But due to the fact attending Emmanuel I’ve discovered that due to the fact I was selected by God to be his it really is his grace and practically nothing that I do which offers me my safety in him. Oh positive. I want to obey Jesus and function in his kingdom but that does not influence my salvation or God’s favor of me my obedience and service assists other individuals to know him and assists me to stay clear of the pitfalls of sin. I have discovered due to the fact coming to Emmanuel that my safety is in God’s grace for me and that has provided me a peace and a contentment that I have under no circumstances seasoned ahead of.

As you can inform, editing will be expected. A couple of commas are required, the e-mail from Garen Martens requirements to be place in “quotations” to set it off, and there may well need to have to be paragraph adjustments, as nicely as a couple of words corrected. In my Habakkuk series, Sonix hears the word Habakkuk and will in some cases use “quarterback” or “have her back” and so forth., so I have to edit it.

But the time saved obtaining artificial intelligence transcribe my sermons is huge.

It expenses me about $five.00 to get eight pages of a transcript (plus the annual subscription to Sonix).

But compared to the time it would take for me to transcribe, or as is the case throughout the 1st 20 years of ministry, to have a super competent secretary (Barbara Ebert) devote numerous hours faithfully typing my sermons – regrettably, acquiring carpal tunnel in her hands by means of continual typing – Sonix offers us all an benefit that only contemporary technologies can afford.

Not everyone has a experienced editor mother (Mary Burleson) like I do, who is at present editing the transcripts from Sonix that could develop into a book (Lord prepared) known as The Face of Grace, but I think that you could edit your Sonix transcripts oneself, acquiring them prepared for publication.

I did tons of analysis for months to come across the ideal way to transcribe sermons, and I can truthfully say that Sonix has knocked it out of the park.

It really is heads and shoulders above all other businesses in terms of accuracy, ease, and value.

If you want to sign up for Sonix, go right here! You will be assisting me create The Face of Grace if you sign up by means of this hyperlink due to the fact I get 100 cost-free minutes of cost-free transcription (about three Sunday morning sermons) for every single new account by means of this hyperlink (a savings to me of about $15.00 in subscription charges). Thank you.

Proper now, we are on chapter six of The Face of Grace.

I want you the ideal in your publishing efforts!


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