I [20F] do not really feel comfy about my boyfriend’s (22M) trip with his pal (22M) : relationships


Hi all, this is a truly messy but I’ll attempt to hold it organized. My boyfriend has been most effective mates with this guy considering the fact that higher college. His household likes him and they utilised to celebration a lot with each other just before I began dating my boyfriend. As of now they’ll get with each other to drink possibly on typical after every single month or so.

When I very first began dating my boyfriend we utilised to double date with his most effective pal and (now ex) girlfriend about after or twice a month. His most effective pal utilised to be truly rude with me but I place up with it for the reason that I felt like I required to get along with him.

A single evening him and my boyfriend got drunk on one particular of these double dates and he actually began obtaining sex with his girlfriend appropriate in front of us. I was so disgusted and just after that I stopped the double dates. The final time I saw him was my boyfriend’s birthday dinner in January and I didn’t get close to him.

He’s attempted to get my boyfriend to cheat on me just before and also cheated on his ex girlfriend. He’s just a genuine douchebag, I wanted to let you all know why I do not precisely trust this guy.

In September, I caught my boyfriend cheating on me by downloading tinder and obtaining sexual conversations with girls. I decided to forgive him for this and attempt to function on my trust problems. Considering that I discovered out he had cheated by going by means of his telephone, I honestly nonetheless go by means of his telephone from time to time.

Lately, in conversations with his most effective pal, they’ve been speaking about taking a trip to [country] with each other. My boyfriend went final summer time by himself, his most effective pal was supposed to go to but he bailed. They have been texting about obtaining three somes and clubbing there. I do not know if this is just men’s “locker area talk” but it tends to make me nervous.

When I found my boyfriend cheated and that his most effective pal gave him girl’s telephone numbers, I told him I was no longer comfy with the notion of them travelling with each other.

My boyfriend does not know that I know about their plans for [country]. If he tells me although, would it be also controlling for me to inform him if he goes I’m breaking up with him?

I’ve been debating going to therapy for the reason that of my nonetheless powerful trust problems.

TLDR: my boyfriend and untrustworthy most effective pal are going out of nation with each other. Would it be controlling if I place an finish to it?

We’ve been dating for two years FYI.


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