Hispanic me [27F] with my white boyfriend of five years [27 M] who stated wearing a headband and earrings produced me appear as well hispanic or like a cleaning lady : relationships


My Bf and I have been with each other for more than five years. I am Hispanic (incredibly tan, Central American parents) and my bf is white. He’s produced odd comments just before and household of his have mistaken me for getting a daughter of the household housekeeper just before.

My bf and I had been receiving prepared to go to a farmers market place in the park, and I was wearing a actually thick sports headband, and decided to put on some extended earrings. He looked at me and says “Umm that tends to make you appear Actually Hispanic”. I was sort of confused about what he meant, considering that I am Hispanic and never pass for white at all. Then he says “effectively you appear sort of like a cleaning lady”. I guess his parents housekeepers, and cleaning females he has encountered ought to have kept their hair back with headbands. Either way, I told him that saying I appear hispanic = I appear like a cleaning lady is racist, even if it was a subconscious racist comment. He starts going off about how it is not racist, its just biased. I am not actually positive he gets it, and I assume he just does not like the concept of considering of himself as getting in a position to accidentally make a racist comment. Am I incorrect right here?

tldr my bf stated I appear actually hispanic when he meant I appear like a cleaning lady, either way I assume its racist


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