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I had this weird dream a handful of nights ago.

I was at my parents residence and a person tells me that my ex boyfriend is someplace about.

I appear about the residence and do not see him anyplace.

I feel to myself, he must’ve left – except then I see a car or truck outdoors that have to be his.

I wonder to myself why he didn’t come say hi to me.

I know we had coffee years earlier exactly where we talked it out and got the closure.

So there shouldn’t be any weirdness ideal?

As I ask myself this query, I wake up from my dream.

As I’m awake, I realise, “Wait, we in no way had coffee and he in no way gave me closure”.

Except I especially recall dreaming about this coffee date years ago.

So inside my dream, I remembered yet another dream I had years ago.

Weird ideal?

I just had a memory of yet another dream inside my dream.

I’m not 1 of these men and women that spot a lot of which means into my dreams.

I feel that dreams are a way for my physique to regulate itself – to preserve it alive and functioning.

I have scary dreams when I consume a lot of meat for instance – so my physique can preserve my heart price up.

If I’m super stressed, I will have sad dreams – so my physique can release some tension.

Do I think that dreams have no which means then?

No, it absolutely does have which means.

My physique is providing me specific imagery to attempt to preserve me alive.

So it knows which imagery are filled with emotion – the sort of emotion it is attempting to invoke.

Take this ex in my dream for instance.

He was my very first sexual practical experience.

I certainly believed that he would be the individual I would commit my life with.

When that connection ended swiftly, portion of me died.

The naive innocent portion of me that felt so substantially died.

And as substantially as I have attempted reaching out for closure more than the years, he wasn’t interested.

Fair adequate – he has a ideal to do what ever he desires.

But for me, there was so substantially discomfort I had to deal with.

So substantially anger.

So substantially confusion.

I had to uncover closure myself.

And usually dreaming of him more than the years has reminded me of this discomfort.

Of who I was as an 18 year old.

So as I practical experience this dream of seeking for him and attempting to say hi, I’m not filled with emotion, just curiosity.

My Dream Mood Had Changed.

Possibly my physique decided to send me a memory of yet another dream to attempt to invoke the sadness I couldn’t really feel.

Possibly by providing myself the closure I required, this dream that could have reminded me of the discomfort, the anger, the confusion – is no much more.

It feels like a step forward somehow.

And had I not woken up ideal as I remembered this memory of yet another dream, I could possibly not have remembered the dream at all.

And I could possibly in no way have realised that it is not the very first time this ‘dream inside a dream’ phenomenon has occurred to me.

I’ve in no way heard this come about to a person else.

But it is super cool regardless.

Have you seasoned this just before?

What do you make of dreams and their part in your life?


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