Grace For Economic Results – Sam Adeyemi


Is God interested in monetary provision for a Christian? A lot of have begun to ask this query lately.

Some say churches have been teaching prosperity for decades but there is no alter.

Some say it is not the business enterprise of the church to teach prosperity but morality.

Searching at the Old Testament, we see Godly folks that prospered and clearly their prosperity was attributed to their connection with God. From Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, Solomon and so forth

In the gospels, we may well not be in a position to say Christ produced everyone stupendous wealthy but we know that He by no means permitted everyone to go with out the simple meals.

To the extent some of the miracles He performed have been miracles that have to do with multiplication of meals.

We know also that He attended to peoples’ well being conditions. He healed several folks.

Coming to our existing day, following the resurrection of Christ, what has been the structure? In addressing our present structure, two Corinthians 9:eight-9(NLT) states clearly that God will generally supply all you have to have.

It assures us that every single have to have will be supplied. God is interested in our provisions.

Your provision has been offered on the platform of grace. What ever God has offered for your wellbeing, it was offered on the platform of grace.

Freedom from sin came on the platform of grace. Freedom from the consequences of sin, such as poverty comes on the platform of grace.

Ephesians two: eight &amp9 (NIV) Freedom from sin and its consequences came purely by grace not of functions.

You can by no means operate challenging adequate to acquire freedom from the sin nature. Humanly speaking, there is nothing at all you can do to be justified prior to God.

This is why God sent His only Son to die on our behalf. So freedom from sin has to be received as a present from God. Your becoming financially blessed comes on the platform of grace.

What God has offered can only come on the platform of grace.

two Corinthians eight:9 (NLT) for us as Christians, the structure is clear. Jesus went to the cross and took our spot. two Corinthians five:21 Christ did the replacement for us on the cross.

He took our sinful nature so we can be freed. This is a present of God.

This is precisely how it functions for our monetary provisions. If you are a Christian and you label your self poor, you lie.

In God’s record, there is no poverty you can lay claim to. For Christians, life occurs in two folds spiritual and physical.

We ought to get the spiritual ideal generally. Your prosperity is offered for on the platform of Grace.

How does grace operate? Romans four:1-four. If God has offered some issues for you on the platform of grace and you commence to operate for it, you are on a distinctive channel.

You by no means get as a struggling what God has offered as a present. You can only activate this grace by faith.

Believing God even when your circumstance shown the contrary. It is your faith that activates the grace.

Romans four:16–17 if you are to operate at the level of grace you have to know the God you think. He can make the not possible attainable.

He calls what is not into existence. If His guarantee to does not exist, He will build it.


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