“Fast for These Who Persecute You”


This afternoon, upon arriving at the reception desk for my shift, I took care of a couple of issues, and picked up a book I’d discovered in our chapel library on The Faith of the Early Fathers.

I opened, and to my delight, discovered that it included The Didache, a extremely early teaching document with which I had develop into acquainted years just before.  I believed it would be “fun” (pardon the flippant expression) and also edifying to study a thing from so early in our faith, so “close to the sources,” you may possibly say.

I hadn’t been reading lengthy when a phrase definitely caught my interest.  The passage  sounded extremely familiar, echoing nearly word for word the message from the gospels on really like for enemies, and the like.

The specific instruction that struck me was new to me, having said that: “Fast for these who persecute you.”

Wow!!  With the starting of Lent just about the corner, and with myself struggling with a couple of folks in my life, this one particular hit the nail proper on the head!

Hammer by NicholasJudy567Even though I am not positive what all of my Lenten practices will consist of, I am glad for the new inspiration of providing deeds of penance for these extremely folks who I uncover complicated.

I consider this could be a extremely very good way for me to practice “love of enemies” and, also, possibly to soften my attitude towards folks who the gospel challenges me to really like.


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