Earth, Air, Water, and Fire


Sunset on the Nile, January 1981 – crg

I present 4 meditations
from my book
Communion of Life that celebrates the gifts of earth,
air, water and fire. You will far better fully grasp how Celtic spirituality and
Celtic Christianity deeply touch me.
Whirling to hold us steady,
Shifting axis to temper climate,
Yielding nutrients of life.
A grassy belly cradling us in rest,
A rounded, rocky bosom inspiring dreamers,
A birth canal whose present is destiny.
To stand, to sit, to lie on you,
To ride, to sail, to drive on you,
To appear down, to appear up, to appear out
I get rid of my footwear in reverence.
Slinks by means of city streets,
Glows green by means of branches,
Bounces lavender off irises,
Mushrooms grey above factories,
Canopies blue on clear days,
Proclaimed to earth’s ends
Effortlessly, gracefully,
Believer and nonbeliever,
Enlightened and unenlightened—
In our star’s splashing splendor
In my thoughts, in my movements :
You cleanse me inside and out,
Bundled by embryonic fluids :
Echo of primordial waters
The items that make for life.
Valuable, unasked present from eternity—
Eleven: Day 44 Fire
You have been the center of our dance.
From bonfires ablaze to candles flickering,
Wildly we have swung about you,
Howling, shouting, singing, chanting,
Igniting our passion for uniting
For war, for the hunt, for neighborhood, for the
Flame mesmerized by flame :
Our burning, restless insides
Stretch outdoors unfired clay
For flames of unity, at-one particular-ment in
immolation :
The burning flash of bullets and bombs,
The stinging, fatal wound by carnivores,
The searing of the heretic at the stake,
The burnt supplying of sacrifice.
Excommunicating the stranger,
With one particular yet another and the gods,
With the enemy, the prey, the stranger, the
Clay lamps burning with the similar divine starstuff
That prompts bowing in reverence and awe
know far more about how the book came to be, see my earlier post “Communion of Life.”
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