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Some of us are organic-born dancers. You could possibly be considering, “Not me. I have two left feet.” But let me clarify. These of us who study the Bible dance via God’s Word, and every single of us has a preferred style.

Steady, methodical dancers 
They study every single verse very carefully, mainly because they do not want to miss a point! You by no means know, God could possibly have a golden nugget hidden in the middle of these genealogies or descriptions of ceremonial law! (This is my style of reading most of the time, by the way.) But methodical dancers just about go into cardiac arrest if the Holy Spirit whispers to skip more than a couple of hundred pages and study a thing out of sequence temporarily.

Spirit-led dancers
They comply with whichever way Holy Spirit’s wind blows. They study in Daniel a single day and Deuteronomy the subsequent. But some devote the subsequent two years reading Psalms and practically nothing else, and their biblical balance gets a bit tipsy soon after a although. (Possibly we are not all as Spirit-led as we consider!)

Hopscotch / hot coals dancers 
Some of us dance via the Bible as if we’re on hot coals. We grow to be quite uncomfortable when God puts His finger on places of our lives that are not in line with Him. So we take a fast hop more than any verses that bother us and move on to safer territory. This may well be a giant leap: “You know, I’m just not having significantly out of Romans now. I consider I’ll study Isaiah for a although. Isaiah constantly builds me up.” It does not take extended for  the hot coals dancer to figure out exactly where he’s most most likely to get his feet burned. He immediately learns to keep away from that chapter or book altogether! (Right after all, who stated we have to study the entire book from Genesis to Revelation?)

Victory dancers
These are the prayer warriors. They are intensely severe about their dance moves. They stand on the Word aspect of the time and swing it the rest of the time to achieve the purposes of heaven. They do “mighty exploits” like Daniel spoke of (Daniel 11:32).

So, how do you dance via the Word? Do you even study it? Are you dancing lightly to keep away from the hot coals, or are you planting your feet firmly in a victory step? Are you letting Holy Spirit lead — genuinely lead — in the dance, or are you carrying out your personal point, all by oneself, and discovering it is sort of a drudge?

Dance with the Lord via His Word. What ever technique of steady reading you use, if you are listening to Him and applying what He says, your dance will be great!

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