DDD (Doodlings Deficit Disorder)


Gadzooks! It is the 4th of July,
when we boast we’re the gens Domini,
and with napalm and nukes
and a “Put up your dukes!”
we give thanks to the Lord of the Flies.

Thank God for little mercies. Massive, and even medium, are out of stock.

The organic state of the human is the inhuman. Even to start to turn out to be human requires time and practice – lots and lots of practice.

How do you start to modify the globe for the superior? By getting no such ambition whatsoever.

Searching for a church? Narrow the field: verify if it has a Mission Statement.

I’ve just study Rod Dreher’s book&nbspThe Benedict Choice. It is not poor for a 1st draft.

Create, create, create! You do not have to have readers to create. Readers, having said that, do have to have writers to study.

Not extended ago the “church in exile” was a heuristic with possible for exploring post-Christian ecclesiology. Alas, ignoring the crucial element of judgment in Israel’s self-understanding of Babylonian captivity, modern Christians have reacted to their loss of status and privilege with bitter resentment and whinging self-pity. [Muffled sound of Jeremiah rolling in his grave.]

Do not be concerned if your prayers are interrupted by dreams. It is enough that your dreams are interrupted by prayers.

My dear pastor, what if your congregation agrees with every little thing you say? Then you are not carrying out it appropriate.

I hear that progressive Christians are getting a heated conversation about whether or not the Creeds must include a trigger warning for left-handed persons.

“Let you word be ‘Yes, Yes’, or ‘No, No’, or ‘It all depends, It all depends’ something additional than this comes from the evil one” (Matthew five:37: Jesus, on second believed).

“Sincerity”, “transparency”, “accountability” – bullshit! What are you hiding?

Men and women who are everyone-phobic generally know fuck-all about the everyone.

Why do I like Wittgenstein? Since of the audacity with which he dives headlong into the chaotic depths of thoughts and soul, the tenacity with which he excavates nuggets of incandescent clarity, and the posture at as soon as humble, disconsolate, and serene with which he bows to the intractably unsayable.

“Every cloud has a silver lining”, an adage that goes back to gloomy Milton’s Comus: “Was I deceiv’d, or did a sable cloud / Turn forth her silver lining on the evening?” [ll. 221-222]. The brief answer, Comus, is Yes: clouds are sable all the way down.

“Trump” is a great name for a dog. Wherever the President goes, he barks, licks his balls, and pees on the fire hydrants, appropriate?

Who mentioned, “We’re all in this together”? Was it (a) Emperor Nero (to a going to delegation of Christians at the Colosseum in July 64) (b) the Commander of Abu Ghraib (at a summer season fête for the residents in August 2004) (c) David Cameron (to the persons of austerity Britain at the Tory Celebration Conference in October 2009)? Prize: a “May Include Traces of Bullshit” tee shirt (compliments of Ben Myers).

You gotta hand it to austerity governments for their environmental friendliness: I imply the conscientious way they recycle the red tape they reduce from organization and business by sticking it on the types filled in by desperate advantage claimants.

It is, of course, great to have an interrogative thoughts. But asking queries is useless if, as typically, you do not seriously want to know the answers.

Life’s a kitsch. Then you invest in.

The name “Starbucks” is a despicable aspersion on the virtuous 1st mate of the Pequod. Certainly the coffee enterprise must be known as “Ahabs”: right after all, like the ship’s captain, its item is evil.

How about a name for a nursing house that is neither saccharine nor non-descriptive but tells it like it is? For instance: The Child Powder and Urine, The Children’s Revenge, The Not-on-My Bucket List, or (for the additional literary), The A single Hundred Years of Hebetude, The Unbearable Nightness of Getting, The Hamlet Shuffle.

“Any modify?” the cadger asked my wife. “The Adjust?” she replied (her hearing is not so great now). “Been there years ago. Now I’ve got The Decay.”

Young, you sing and dance the songs of passion older, you whistle the tunes and tap your feet.


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