Dad was so Content!


Do not devise evil against your neighbor, For he dwells by you for safety’s sake. Do not strive with a man with no bring about, If he has accomplished you no harm. Proverbs three:29-30

We went to see Dad. He was in the physical therapy space painting a wooden Halloween lantern. (They do such fantastic issues with the veterans at Physical Therapy!) My dad was so satisfied. (In reality, the nurse at the nurses station of his wing had told me earlier that Dad has been particularly satisfied more than the final handful of days.)

We got to have lunch with Dad in the smaller sized, adjoining dining hall. We hadn’t been capable to do that for some time, simply because he had many bouts of pneumonia and did not really feel like going to consume lunch in the adjoining dining hall. To top rated that off, right after lunch, I got to play Solitaire with Dad. We hadn’t gotten to play that in a month or so, simply because of his illnesses. He just hadn’t been up to it lately.

I was so pleased about all of this, and then, decided to go ask how substantially my Dad weighed. The smile went off of my face. Dad weighs only 132 pounds. He had been losing weight, but they attempted some issues to boost his appetite, but it does not sound like they have been functioning. Dad got down to 128 pounds many years ago and gained it back. Despite the fact that I am hopeful, I am not positive that is going to be the case. I was so sad and just wanted to cry. I went to Physical Therapy to inform them how substantially I appreciate all they do to preserve my dad satisfied and involved in issues. I will have to have looked the way I felt, simply because a single of the female Physical Therapy employees members gave me a couple of hugs. They have been extremely supportive of Dad all the time he’s been there and I really feel like God place each and every and every person of them there as a unique blessing for my dad and for all the other veterans!

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