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Christianity can be confusing. On 1 hand we see that the foundation of Christianity is the individual of Jesus. And no matter whether you view him solely as a historical figure or as the Son of God, you have to admit that he was fairly the person. He loved every person perfectly…including the folks that the rest of society had written off and shunned. He didn’t care if you had been a prostitute, a thief, a leper, a cripple or the holiest Jewish leader. He walked amongst all of these folks and loved them all completely. He gave kindness and compassion when it was required and he rebuked and challenged when that was required.


When we consider about Jesus it appears like it would be quite thrilling to reside a life that models this individual. And then we see the Church, God’s way of displaying Jesus to the globe. And in some cases it functions beautifully and folks are drawn in by the really like and acceptance and hope that it pours out. And sometimes—well in some cases, even when we say we are carrying out factors in the name of Jesus we just get it terribly incorrect. And all of a sudden the church is not so significantly about serving other people sacrificially but exploiting other people to acquire far more energy. And the church becomes much less about searching for out the lost and telling them, “you do not have to have it all figured out…we want you to come just as you are,” and far more about, “we’ll take you in when you have decided to stick to our guidelines.” And in some cases the folks inside the church are the ones causing the most discomfort and leaving a path of abused victims in their wake.


But just since the church gets it incorrect does not imply that Jesus does. Occasionally we have to appear previous the folks and the buildings exactly where they worship and see the 1 who they are worshipping, the 1 who is the foundation for it all. Simply because when you appear up you will see a ideal instance of the life we can be referred to as to reside. You can be offered a possibility to fall in really like with a God who has generally loved you…in the very best occasions and the most terrible occasions. And it will develop into much less confusing and a small far more clear that if we all chase following Jesus, accept the really like that he offers, declare our really like for him by really loving and serving other people we will develop into the church that we had been meant to be.  


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