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The week just before Jesus’ crucifixion is deemed to be the most eventful week of His life on earth, and His triumphal entry into Jerusalem was a single of the greatest highlights.

Jesus, the Son of God and lengthy-awaited “Messiah,” had arrived just as prophesied by the Prophet Zachariah more than 500 hundred years earlier, (Zach 9:9), and was openly creating His triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. 

As His procession entered, the persons formed a canopy of palm branches and hailed Him as their king.

By Samuel L. Mills 

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Most of these brief Christian articles can be study in significantly less than 5 minutes. I pray they will be a supply of joy, hope, and guidance.

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Attempting to create a future primarily based upon something other than the Word of God, is like creating on quicksand. 

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