Buckle Up My BTK Good friends



If you do not realize the title of this weblog post let me rapidly clarify. BTK stands for Bow The Knee which is an annual musical my church (and a entire pile of partners) puts on which portrays the life of Jesus. &nbspI’ve lost count but I think this is the 15th or 16th year we’ve participated. Bow The Knee is a beautiful, exhausting, joyful and painful encounter. &nbspIf you have ever been in Bow The Knee you know what I imply.&nbsp

So this post is a tool kit for these of you prepared to launch into our annual marathon. &nbspI think Bow The Knee is worth the work. I think we can do it in a way that shows the grace of Jesus behind the scenes and on the stage. &nbspSo right here are a handful of items I am undertaking this year to get prepared and I invite you to join in.&nbsp


Charles Martin is my favored fiction author. He writes emotion and relationships and grace greater than any person. He just place out a new book which is not fiction and which is preparing my heart for Bow The Knee by seeing the gospel stories in a fresh way. &nbspIts asking me to match what I think about these stories with action in my life. &nbspRead it. &nbspWhat if it is correct – A storyteller’s Journey with Jesus by Charles Martin. &nbsp&nbsp


In some cases the finest way to get prepared to do tough items properly is to have a excellent deep laugh at oneself. My household watched The Resurrection of Gavin Stone this final week and we all grinned, smiled, laughed and snorted. &nbspThis is a sweet and correct portrayal of what a church production appears like in action. &nbspYou’ll see oneself in this film and it will remind you that taking ourselves also seriously is the finest way to wreck Bow The Knee. &nbspIt’ll also remind you that grace and forgiveness are what its all about. &nbspSeriously rent and watch this film.&nbsp


Final year I wrote a weblog post about Bow The Knee and why I assume it is worth the crazy commitment. I am posting this once again Right here in case you have to have the reminder. &nbsp &nbspWhy I Pour It All Out At Bow The Knee.&nbsp


Bow The Knee tickets are offered beginning February 17th at www.bowtheknee.com. &nbsp Start out inviting now.&nbsp


Most essential tool of them all. Bow The Knee is only essential since its not actually ours. So right here is a calendar with a list of items to pray by means of every single as we all get prepared for Bow The Knee. You can print this out and post it on your mirror as a everyday reminder to pray. What an honor it is to function alongside all of you. &nbsp


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