Biblical Inerrancy, the Book of Mormon, and The Qur’an


I graduated higher college in 1969. It was the summer time of Woodstock, but I knew nothing at all about it at the time. I spent my summer time functioning for a burger chain, preparing for college in the fall, and possessing a series of meetings with two Mormon missionaries (Elders). The primary point of Mormon missionaries is to encourage a individual to study the Book of Mormon and pray to God for a testimony as to whether or not it is correct.

I collect that currently a individual is anticipated to study some passages from the Book of Mormon, but I study the whole book—which I feel was regular at the time. Reading it was really a rush, and when I completed I prayed to God to let me know whether or not it was correct. I actually, desperately, wanted it to be correct, but I did not get an answer at the finish of my prayer.

A Massive Difficulty for the Book of Mormon


Having said that, I did get anything else. I occurred to see a book on Mormonism by Gordon Fraser at a comfort shop. I wasn’t hunting for it but I purchased it. Amongst other items, Fraser pointed out the severe difficulties of archaeology concerning the supposed Hebrew population of early America claimed to be the ancestors of the native Americans, and also difficulties of ethnicity.

Equivalent challenges are located in these Wikipedia articles: Historical authenticity of the Book of Mormon, Criticism of the Book of Mormon, Archaeology and the Book of Mormon, Genetics and the Book of Mormon, and Linguistics and the Book of Mormon.

I had my answer to prayer—the Book of Mormon was not correct no matter how considerably I wished for it to be. Interestingly, archaeology also challenges important Old Testament claims—especially the huge quantity of Hebrews who are reported to have left Egypt and spent 40 years in the Sinai. There is no archaeological assistance for that huge quantity. There are also severe difficulties with the stories of Joshua’s speedy conquest of Canaan archaeology shows that it did not take place as written by the later Israelites about themselves.

I am not saying the Old Testament is not correct at all, but we need to accept that it is not entirely factual and as a result definitely not inerrant.

The Qur’an

The story goes that in 610 AD Muhammad was in the Cave of Hira when a dazzling vision of beauty and light overpowered him. He heard the word, ‘Iqra’, which signifies ‘read’, ‘proclaim’, or ‘recite’. But the illiterate Muhammad protested that he could not study. The angel Jibril (Gabriel) squeezed him in a tight embrace till he complied. Immediately after that, for 23 years Muhammad received and recited Allah’s messages. They came by inspiration as the will need arose he recited them, and they had been recorded and became the Qur’an.

A lot of items, each great and terrible, have been mentioned about Muhammad. Quite a few schools of Islam created like one particular that is radical and violent and whose followers are typically in the news. I do not know what to feel about Muhammad, but I do not feel he was an evil man or a deceiver—and he did a terrific deal of great. But I also feel he was mistaken on numerous concerns.

Did an angel reveal the passages of the Qur’an to him? I doubt it. But I would say that his claim of some sort of inspiration is stronger than that of biblical inerrantists. On what basis do we reject his claim and accept the considerably flimsier claims of inerrancy?

This is What the Lord Says

We currently discussed a quantity of inadequate appeals to assistance biblical inerrancy, but there is yet another point to think about. The words ‘The Lord mentioned (says)’ and ‘God mentioned (says)’ are located additional than 2000 instances in the NIV text. How do we account for this? The biblical authors say so, but how did they know? Did they hear an audible voice? Did they really feel a powerful impression? Was it basically a prophetic literary device? Or component of a story? Let’s appear at two examples.

You don’t forget the story of King David and Bathsheba. David was fascinated with her and had her husband killed in battle so he could have her as his personal wife. The prophet Nathan spoke to King David in the name of God about his deed in two Samuel 12:

This is what the Lord says: ‘Out of your personal household I am going to bring calamity on you. Just before your quite eyes I will take your wives and give them to one particular who is close to you, and he will sleep with your wives in broad daylight. You did it in secret, but I will do this issue in broad daylight just before all Israel.’

Zechariah, a later prophet in Jewish history, states in Zechariah 7:

And the word of the Lord came once again to Zechariah: This is what the Lord Almighty mentioned: ‘Administer correct justice show mercy and compassion to one particular yet another. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor. Do not plot evil against each and every other.’

I can relate to the immense value of each these pronouncements but, once again, did these prophets hear the audible voice of God? Or did they really feel a powerful impression or basically employ a prophetic literary device? Or is this just component of a story? Does the mere truth that they are represented as speaking the words of God offer proof that the Bible includes inerrant inspiration in these circumstances?

I do not feel so. I would enjoy for the Bible to be inerrant. I want the Bible had been inerrant. But my wishing the Bible to be inerrant does not make it so.

Do Inerrantists Make False Assumptions about You in Discussions?

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