Be robust and courageous. Do not be afraid!


Be robust and courageous. Do not be afraid!

Often in our lives, we go via moments of discomfort, doubt and possibly even Worry. By way of these moments, it can really feel like we are alone and siblings, mates, spouses, and possibly even parents do not definitely fully grasp what we are going via.

But how sweet and comforting it is to know that wherever we go and what ever we go via, God is there with us. Often we locate ourselves in scenarios and wonder if God is paying interest. I know there had been moments in my life in the previous, exactly where I would ask exactly where God was in my life. So, you may perhaps be feeling so alone and even depressed. Possibly, you presently appear to not be in a position to really feel God’s presence, and are in will need of His guidance and assistance.

I am right here to remind you that God cares and has your ideal interest, usually. God told Joshua to be robust and to have courage. Then He told him a excellent truth: “The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Yes, that is right… wherever! We do not have to really feel all alone. God is with us. He is operating out the difficulties that appear to surround us, and from time to time, we do not even realise it.

Consequently, that Worry that is crippling you, it has no energy and authority more than your life. Yes troubles will come, but will not final usually, worry will come but its an illusion and it will have to bow as well, mainly because we have a name that is Higher than worry, (Jesus Christ). Some have mentioned F.E.A.R. is an acronym for False Proof Appearing Actual. So let us Face Every thing and Rise. Since, if God be for us, then who can be against us.

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