April 9-10 2019 – Jesus The Lion of God


The Advent of Easter, Aspect XVII by Pamela Christian—Copyright © 2019

This post represents the 10th and 11th of Nissan in the final days of Jesus’ life on earth. Keep in mind the Hebrew calendar days commence at sunset and finish at sunset the subsequent day.

Soon after Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey colt, uproariously hailed by the crowds, He stopped at the temple. Inside the temple grounds was a sort of marketplace exactly where industrial activity permitted pilgrims arriving in Jerusalem for the Passover celebration to exchange their foreign currency for temple currency and acquire animals and other things for sacrifice.

As Jesus looked about, He noted the manner in which the holy temple was getting made use of. He observed the revenue changers creating a profit from the exchange of currency, and the sellers of animals employing unjust valuations. This was a blatant misuse of the temple method of worship. Jesus rejected the Jewish method of moneymaking from God’s Passover. He overturned the tables of the revenue-changers and the seats of these who sold pigeons. The temple was to be identified as a home of prayer, not a location exactly where merchants took financial benefit of folks.

This show of outrage from Jesus is not the very first. The very first was early in His ministry when Jesus did a equivalent cleansing following the wedding in Cana. John two:14-16 reads, “In the temple he identified these who had been promoting oxen and sheep and pigeons, and the revenue-changers sitting there. And creating a whip of cords, he drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and oxen. And he poured out the coins of the revenue-changers and overturned their tables. And He told these who sold the pigeons, “Take these points away do not make My Father’s home a home of trade.” (ESV, emphasis added). Jesus clearly cleansed the temple for the reason that these promoting pigeons, sheep, and oxen had been carrying out so for individual profit rather than a spiritual act of worship.

Having said that, in the second temple cleansing, Jesus mentioned, “It is written, My home shall be referred to as a home of prayer, but you make it a den of robbers.’” (Matthew 21:12-13 ESV, emphasis added). Jesus cleansed the temple each close to the starting and close to the finish of His public ministry, creating clear He rejected the distortions of temple worship, as effectively as revealing His authority more than these in the temple.

The temple and its method of worship, had been revealed by God as an intended foreshadow of Jesus. The temple pointed to the ultimate sacrifice who would usher in a new and improved way. Jesus’ cleansing of the temple pronounced judgement upon the complete temple method that had turn into corrupt and announced the temple would quickly be destroyed. Jesus Himself, would replace the temple sacrificial method. Jesus spoke of destroying the temple and rebuilding it in 3 days, referring to His physique as the Temple.

Picture how all this additional enraged the religious leaders of the day, who Jesus has publicly scorned. Their speak of obtaining a way to do away with Jesus, was now totally heated up to their truly organizing how they could kill Him. His reputation, His teachings, His miraculous healings, all had triggered the masses to laud Him. They knew they had to have the appropriate method or the folks would turn against them.

The Day of Preparation is an vital element to Passover and will be the subject explored in the subsequent post.

For April 9-10, 2019 study and meditate on the following Scriptures:
Matthew 21:12-27 Mark 11:15-33 Luke 19:45-20:1-eight John 1145-55

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