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To our employees: Functioning at Faith Christian College is an investment in the lives of our students and their parents.  Our employees is right here to invest in the subsequent generation of Christ followers.  To Parents: Parents who enroll students at Faith are investing in their child’s future.  This is the partnership we speak so a lot about-parents and college operating collectively for the spiritual, mental, and social development of every person student.

Contemplate a tuition analogy to that of a residence mortgage.  Generally, actual estate is an appreciating asset.  Generally, a single can invest “sweat equity” into enhancing stated asset without the need of a substantial money outlay.  Therefore, we appear at our properties and actual estate assets as investment that will be worth much more down the road.  Is your mortgage a single of your bigger costs?  Most probably.  Do you take pleasure in locating approaches to strengthen your residence and raise its worth?  Most probably.  Are you prepared to endure a tight price range, or probably even monetary hardship, for the sake of an asset that increases in worth?  Most probably.

…See exactly where I’m going with this…

Tuition is a large expense, and I’m not attempting to downplay actual monetary considerations about tuition affordability.  However, Let me ask you-existing parent, and new parent thinking about if FCS is ideal for you – to appear at your tuition payment as an investment.  It’s an investment in your child’s future.  Every time you make that payment, you are saying, “I’m spending income now with the purpose that this expense will return with growing worth into the future.”  Let me ask you, in addition to your tuition payment, to come across approaches to construct sweat equity into Faith Christian College (volunteer, lead a new system, take ownership in locating approaches to add worth).

This is not a guilt trip to ask you to do much more.  We ask a lot of our parents, just after all, partnership requires perform.  And, we are grateful to have parents that make wonderful partners.  This is an encouragement to see the price and time spent at Faith Christian only as an expense.  Your investment at Faith Christian College reaps an eternal return on investment.

For your investment in Faith Christian College, we guarantee as an administration and employees to devote ourselves partnering with you to equip your students with the spiritual, academic and life expertise required to reside successfully in God’s globe.  They will leave with the spiritual grounding, book smarts and partnership expertise to be in a position at every stage in life to take the subsequent step whilst proclaiming, “I’m living for God’s glory.”



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