1 of the several techniques God has transformed my life has been to transform me from a whiskey, beer, and what ever alcohol is offered kind of drunk into a casual, uncommon – possibly a glass of wine from time to time with dinner – kind of drinker. You see, I started drinking alcohol in the ninth grade, and it became my greatest pal amongst all who I believed to be a pal. This soothing – but deceptive – ethanol-filled liquid had come to be incredibly significant in the course of this period of my life given that it permitted me to hide in its bottles anytime I became anxious or anytime I was afraid. The alcohol protected me from my thoughts and comforted me anytime my realities became unbearable.&nbsp I could constantly uncover solace in it. It designed a euphoric reality for me with false promises of escape. Yes, alcohol had come to be my crutch, and I leaned on it properly into my adult years.

When I assume about these “drunken” days triggered by my excessive drinking, I ought to admit to producing several blunders as properly as damaging several relationships. My “sober” self could in no way try to remember what her “drunk” self had mentioned or performed, and had it not been for particular pals and household members forcing me to try to remember, I would have in no way believed how belligerent and unbecoming I behaved. It was a damaging kinship among the two egos which had me trapped in a lie for several years. And it is only mainly because of God’s healing grace, that I was lastly awakened to my correct self capable to see me for who I actually was. The undesirable and the fantastic. The weak and the powerful.&nbsp The beauty and the beast. I recognize now that my mature adult sober self could in no way have been a character witness for my immature inebriated a single given that the drunken a single constantly erased the memories of her actions by throwing them into the abysmal blackout hole of forgetfulness forever insisting that she had only passed out.

As I listened to the Ford and Kavanaugh testimonies yesterday, I became sad but hopeful. Sad for our young individuals and the perils of underage and excessive drinking, and sad for our nation exactly where lies are valued much more than truth and sexual assaults are excused as “boys will be boys” behavior. And, yes, hopeful. Hopeful for the future mainly because the truth constantly prevails. And hopeful for our youth mainly because of the several prayer warriors praying for them asking God for protected and wholesome households and communities in which they can flourish. There is energy in prayer and healing in Jesus the Christ. Let’s maintain praying and let’s maintain believing.

Peace &amp Blessings!

Yetta N.A,
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Preserve walking towards the Cross. Never GIVE UP!&nbsp
Till the subsequent time, try to remember Jesus loves you

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