12 Methods to Pray for Your Pastors — Faith Family members Church


two.    Pray they will have a shepherd’s heart. 

God calls us sheep. Pastors are to lead like shepherds. Cattle are driven. Sheep are led. Pray your pastor will be a shepherd, not a cowboy (Jeremiah three:15, John 21:17).


three.    Pray they will be encouraged and filled with hope. 

Pray for emotional strength for your pastor—that he would be capable to bear the burdens of his congregation in a way that is healthier and reflective of the adore of Jesus (Romans 1:12, two Corinthians 1:14).


four.    Pray they will be rested and healthier. 

Pray for pastors to be capable to shut off the ministry engine at evening and sleep. Pray for rest.


five.    Pray they will go soon after deep purity and holiness. 

Pray that they will practical experience a deep, sincere cleansing prior to the Lord—that the Lord would not let them to go lengthy in between repentances and that they would be ruthless with their sin.


six.    Pray the enemy will not win in their lives these days. 

The devil will do all he can to destroy pastors. Ask God to guard them against Satan’s attacks.  

Pray for your pastor like he may possibly be devoured by Satan at any moment.


7.    Pray they will not be distracted in their activity. 

There are so numerous approaches a pastor can get distracted – a critic, a messed up audio technique, a low attendance . . . . ask God to give him an unflinching concentrate.


eight.    Pray for their family members. 

Pray that God would shield his family members from the snares of the enemy and would comfort them as they do ministry alongside your pastor.

  • Pray for a healthier, joyful, Christ-exalting marriage. 
  • Pray for your pastor’s wife, that God would infuse her with strength (Philippians four:13).
  • Pray for your pastor’s kids, that God would save them at a young age and that they would discover our Christ irresistible. 


9.    Pray they will have Christ-Centered friendships.

Pastoral ministry can be surprisingly lonely. Pastors require close close friends who will encourage them, hold them accountable, and push them toward Christ.


10.  Pray they will have wisdom. 

Pray they will only go soon after projects that God has laid out prior to them. Pray for visionary, inventive power. Pray they will reject worldly ambition and go really hard soon after Holy Ambitions. 


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