10 Indicators of a Powerful Marriage


I sat with Becky as she shared her feelings of utter horror, shock, and devastation from Thursday morning. She shook, with tears streaming steadily down her face. Her husband had just announced he wanted a divorce following 20 years of marriage. They had raised 3 young children with each other. They had constructed a house—a home—together for more than two decades. Becky hadn’t worked outdoors the dwelling considering that they married. What would she do now for revenue? For companionship? It was a shock to say the least.

The subsequent quite a few weeks started a dialogue in between Becky and her husband about what had been missing for some years. It resulted in considerably discomfort as they asked the queries: Why didn’t we speak about this just before? How did it get to this point? I want I could inform you that Becky’s story is a uncommon one particular, and that she was the only lady I knew with such hurt. However, that is not the case. Researchers estimate that almost 50% of today’s marriages will finish in divorce or separation (2016 of the U.S. Divorce &amp Marriage Prices by Year, Centers for Illness Manage and Prevention right here).

My husband has been such a joy in my life and our marriage has definitely been a partnership more than the final decade. Via our years of marriage, we have discovered that the following 10 qualities can be powerful indicators of the well being of your marriage. 

Photo Credit: alvinmahmudov


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