1 Thessalonians four:13–18: Will There Be a Rapture?


God will spare his young children from the final judgment: eternal suffering. But as John Piper explains, till then, they will have to endure suffering, even what numerous contact the tribulation.

Some queries to ask as you study and study 1 Thessalonians four:13–18:

  1. What is the occasion Christians refer to as the rapture? Do you think there will be 1? Why or why not?
  2. Will the reality described in 1 Thessalonians four:17 take place so that we can prevent the tribulation? Watch the lab. What are the two principal causes John Piper provides for considering Christians will not escape?
  3. How vital is it to fully grasp the facts of the rapture? Why could incorrect expectations regarding the rapture be dangerous?

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Principles for Bible Reading

Wrestling with a Challenging Text

The apostle Peter mentioned that Paul’s letters have been “hard to understand” at instances (two Peter three:16). Lots of of us give our hearty Amen. But alternatively of operating from tough passages, God blesses us with understanding as we, like Jacob, wrestle with God in his word.

So when challenging texts have you in a headlock, what can you do? Right here are a couple of selections:

  • Recognize what is clear from the passage. Commence with what you can figure out from the passage as a complete, and then return to the unclear components.
  • Obtain the principal point. Normally the confusing components do not include the principal point of the passage. Identifying the principal point can give us clues for discovering the which means of the challenging passage.
  • Appear for clues inside the book and surrounding context. Search the book for crucial words and phrases identified in the difficult passage.
  • Cross-reference. Using cross-references, particularly when a New Testament verse cites the Old Testament, aids us to have a fuller understanding of what the authors have been attempting to communicate.
  • Ask certain queries of the text. Addressing a difficult text as a complete can look insurmountable. But breaking a passage down by asking certain queries about it can unravel the which means, query by query and answer by answer.
  • Use a trusted commentary. Be cautious with commentaries. This caution incorporates trusting poor commentaries and relying also a great deal on excellent ones. But commentaries can be utilized nicely, and terrific biblical scholars give beneficial insights.


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