Yes, I Went On That Date


Yes, I went on that date.  The date that I believed was two buddies possessing dinner, not two folks on a date.  I was incorrect.  It was a date.  He referred to it as a date and was additional dressed up than I had ever observed him.

It was a lot of enjoyable.  He seemed a great deal happier than the initially time I met up with him.  Seeing him happier created him additional appealing.  He’s cute.  We have chemistry.  We had a lot to speak about.  We laughed a lot.  I left the date considering, he’s somebody I want to see once more.

Then, I believed about it some additional.  We had a excellent time, but I am not confident he’s more than his ex.  I do not want to be a rebound.  Confident, he could be genuinely more than it, and I consider if that had been the case, he’d show me that.  Perhaps he thinks he’s more than it, but seriously is not?

He asked me out once more, and I was busy.  He also asked me to meet him on an out of state organization trip.  I really feel like it is as well quickly for that.  Is he attempting to 1) discover somebody to sleep with and thinks an overnight trip will do the trick, two) move points along swiftly (possibly to fill a void), or three) it’d seriously be innocent.  Or, possibly somebody else I have not thought of?

How am I going to deal with it if/when he asks me out once more?  It’ll most likely be a lengthy time from now simply because of the upcoming holidays.  We are each going to be out of town a lot.  Time is very good.  Time heals all wounds, proper?

I am not ruling him out, but I am also not holding my breath.  If we’re meant to go out once more, it’ll come about, specifically primarily based on our history of operating into every single other.


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