Word for Wednesday – Approaching Easter


We are approaching what’s turn out to be identified as Passion Week—the week starting with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, ending with an empty tomb as revelation of Jesus becoming the extended awaited Promised Redeemer—the Promised Deliverer from God. We celebrate our Risen Lord on Easter Sunday. Nevertheless, I recommend, we must radially celebrate our Lord just about every day, all year, just about every year.

From the rejection of God in the Garden of Eden when God initial promised humanity a way of escape, God’s strategy was completely created. He knew what He would personally do to redeem His beloved humanity, each and every a single produced in His image for the objective of enjoying connection with Him. God’s enjoy for us is so fantastic that He couldn’t bear becoming eternally separated from any a single of us, so He devised a strategy. Then at the great time in all God’s planned timeline for earth, Jesus, the Second Particular person of the Trinity, took on human kind and joined humanity as a infant. He grew up in stature and understanding amongst us, experiencing the human existence in just about every way typical to man. He’d willingly and temporarily laid down His divinity, to reside life totally in His humanity. And as such, by means of His unwavering reliance on the Heavenly Father, He lived a completely sinless life. Producing Him the only appropriate sacrifice to spend the penalty of sin, which is rejection of God, that we owe but can not spend. Motivated by unfathomable enjoy, Jesus paid the ultimate cost for each and every a single of us who are prepared to think in Him and obtain Him as our individual Lord and Savior.

What does your life reveal relating to what you think about Jesus?

In your heart of hearts, what do you know about oneself in the light of Jesus?

In the inner privacy of your becoming, what is God the Father speaking to you correct now?

You could want to take time to contemplate much more about your life ahead of God and His radical enjoy for you. If so, I encourage you to study the Advent of Easter posts I published starting March 6th, 2019, right here on this Faith Weblog. You will obtain a post just about every other day top up to Easter, made to assist us genuinely take into account our reality—our present day and eternal reality.

My life’s concentrate is to assist men and women uncover and reside in the identical life-providing Truth I’ve been blessed to obtain. It is my prayer for you that you comprehend the truth and prepared surrender your entire self to Jesus, to be totally transformed as a joint heir with Jesus, entitled to almost everything He died to offer you you, Amen.

I’d enjoy to hear from you and welcome you sharing my weblog and net web page with other folks. Whilst I offer you a lot of books and sources right here on my net web page, if I can be of additional help to you, please let me know.


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