When Was the Final Time You Repented?


You can not rightly contact oneself a Christian if you haven’t repented. Do you recall the very first time you repented ahead of the Lord of glory? No feeling in life can transcend larger and be much more satisfying than to be at peace with God. However, for several Christians, repentance is merely a issue of the past—something they did when they entered the loved ones of God, but not a thing they do on a common basis. Take this chance to pause and look at how the kid of God must repent frequently—perhaps even every day.

The Privilege of Repentance

We had been after enemies of God. That is what Paul writes in Romans five:10. Take time to let that believed sink in for a moment. We had rebelled against holy God and rejected his sovereign rule. We transgressed his holy law and walked in disobedience to his fantastic commands. However, God graciously came to us and sought us when we had been strangers wandering from the fold of God. It was sovereign grace and mercy that granted us the privilege of repentance. In our culture that is saturated by “rights” that are demanded and anticipated, we need to don’t forget that God did not owe us the present of repentance (two Tim. two:25). In Matthew three:two, we are named to repent. The word repent is taken from the Greek term, “μετανοέω” which actually implies to modify one’s thoughts, to modify path as a outcome of conviction and remorse.”

Beyond salvation, the privilege of repentance is granted to God’s kids on a every day basis. We have access to the throne of God and we have a glorious mediator who is none other than Christ the Lord (Heb. four:16 1 Tim. two:five). Why would we have such privilege and access to God’s throne and forsake it? Has God and his throne come to be as well typical and casual for us that we have been tempted to neglect such privileges? What about the duty of repentance? Have we basically failed to obey God by avoiding repentance?

The Posture of the Christian Life

When rightly understood, the Christian can not fulfill the Christian life outdoors of a suitable posture of repentance. A life of pride and self-sustaining understanding and energy displeases God (James four:six). When rightly understood it will be clearly observed that each and every location of your life is stained by sin and stands in have to have of repentance on a common basis. Repentance is hard mainly because it needs us to be sincere about ourselves and we do not delight in getting sincere about our personal failures. John Flavel stated, “It is less complicated to cry against one particular-thousand sins of other folks than to kill one particular of your personal.”

Whilst justification is a one particular time legal declaration—a verdict that will never ever be repeated, sanctification is a thing that is in progress. The forward motion of sanctification demands repentance. When appropriately understood, even our worship stands in have to have of repentance. If we’re sincere and if we undergo a suitable examination, even our prayers stand in have to have of repentance. The totality of who we are is corrupted by sin.

The suitable response to the sins of our flesh as we journey onward in this physique of sin—is genuine and sincere repentance. Without having repentance, it is not possible to stroll with God. A.W. Pink after stated, “The Christian who has stopped repenting has stopped developing.” Who amongst us can honestly state that they have lived a life of genuine perfection due to the fact their conversion? Even the smallest sin stands in the way and holds us back from appropriately glorifying God and enjoying him forever. We need to discover ourselves turning to God consistently as 1 John 1:9 teaches.

When Paul discovered himself held captive after once again in the grip of sin—he turned to God. He didn’t appear inward to himself or to the outward globe of psychology for a self-esteem enhance. He looked upward to God. Notice Paul’s prayer at the finish of Romans 7:

Wretched man that I am! Who will provide me from this physique of death? Thanks be to God via Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, I myself serve the law of God with my thoughts, but with my flesh I serve the law of sin (Rom. 7:24-25).

I after heard a man lament as he was hunting at the schedule of a Christian conference. His complaint was that the upcoming session was going to be centered on John three:16 and according to his pondering, he didn’t have to have to hear a different sermon on that due to the fact he was currently a Christian. Probably we have all been guilty at occasions of pondering that the gospel was only necessary to save us, but it is not necessary to hold us faithfully walking with God. A particular person who rejects the have to have to repent is an individual who is likewise rejecting their have to have for God. Without having a stroll that incorporates repentance, we can not faithfully stroll with God.



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