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Enable the Western Jurisdiction respond to the wants of United Methodists outdoors its boundaries. Fill out the survey right here.

Holy Saturday Came Early

Lent is the liturgical season of 40 days top up to when we don’t forget Jesus’s death and resurrection. The final day of Lent is named Holy Saturday. It is the day right after Superior Friday exactly where Jesus dies by brutal crucifixion and is laid in a tomb.  Holy Saturday is the day just before Easter, and numerous churches use a dark and lonely liturgy, reflecting the felt absence of our Savior.

This year for The United Methodist Church, reeling right after an awful Basic Conference, Holy Saturday positive feels like it came truly early. It feels like our hope is dead. Proper now numerous folks really feel like the disciples sequestered away, their hope dead, their dreams dashed, and pretty identities marred. 

We are waiting for the ladies to come and inform us that Christ is alive. We are sinking in the muck, the rain, the swamp of isolation and abandonment, waiting to be shown a glimmer of light that will remind us our hope is nevertheless alive for freedom. 

A Light from the West?

At the final couple of minutes of Basic Conference, Rev. Donna Pritchard of the Oregon-Idaho delegation (complete disclosure: I was a reserve delegate for the identical delegation) shared this statement by the Western Jurisdiction: 

We have extended appreciated the richness of the international diversity of our United Methodist Church and have embraced possibilities to join with you all in the perform of creating disciples for the transformation of the planet.

We also have an understanding of the goal of the Church to be in mission and ministry. Consequently, we in the West have been functioning for years as A single Church committed to complete inclusion, looking for to be a property for all God’s folks.

Now we acknowledge the fracture of this physique, but we worship a God who tells us that the physique of Christ has numerous components, all equally valued. Rooted in Wesleyan tradition, grounded in Scripture and committed to mission and ministry, the Western Jurisdiction intends to continue to be one particular church, totally inclusive and open to all God’s kids, across the theological and social spectrum.

We know from knowledge we are stronger when we reside with each other as progressives, traditionalists, and centrists in our Church. Numerous occasions for the duration of this Conference we have sung or prayed or blessed each and every other with the reminder that we need each and every other.

We also know there are other individuals who really feel the identical way currently, so we invite you to be in dialogue with us as we move forward with each other into a future with hope.

May well God continue to bless us for the sake of the planet. Thank you.

The Bishops of the Western Jurisdiction followed up with a video exactly where they repeated the affirmations above and pledged to be in connection and assistance beyond our borders.

You can see additional sources on the Western Jurisdiction web-site.

But what does it imply? What does it imply that the West will “continue to be…committed to complete inclusion” and that it will “be in dialogue” with non-WJ laity and clergy and bishops “as we move forward with each other.” What does that imply?

Be In The Space Exactly where It Occurs

In March, conversations will be had with the Western Jurisdiction leadership as to what function the West will take in this Denomination that has ceased to be a Church for all folks.

I’ve heard it expressed numerous occasions that we require to extend the fair therapy and open ministry that we practice in the West beyond our borders. So the query is what do United Methodists beyond the West require or want from the Western Jurisdiction?

This is exactly where you come in.

As a weblog that has a big readership in the South and Bible Belt amongst moderates and progressives (and masochistic Traditionalists), I’ve volunteered to ask you queries and get your direct and truthful feedback as to what you want or require from the Western Jurisdiction at this time. To get you in the area exactly where it occurs so what ever is crafted is shaped by the wants of these in areas of risky ministry and harm.

So…what do you require?

  • What does your congregation Want to continue its very important ministry?
  • What does your pastor Want to be protected and empowered in their leadership?
  • What do you HOPE would come from the Western Jurisdiction?
  • Do you HOPE the West will build a new issue that you can be a element of?
  • Do you not require any of that, but just want liturgical or devotional sources to much better serve the LGBTQ and progressive neighborhood you are in?
  • WHO do you require to be connected with? Individuals outdoors your context, or folks closer in that require neighborhood and collaboration? 

Please respond by filling out the Survey right here.

And share this weblog post (NOT THE SURVEY) so people know what they are contributing to!

(Complete disclosure: I’m not on the Western Jurisdiction leadership. I am gathering information and facts to share with these elected leaders as they discern a way forward.)

Responses Are Private

Here’s the quick survey Type. My pledge is that I will compile and pass on reputable responses to the Western Jurisdiction leadership. I will not pass on names and identifying information and facts, but I will retain them in case a stick to up or response is preferred, in which case I’ll send these privately.

In the previous, I’ve been trusted with stories of spend disparity and #MeToo stories of clergywomen, so I have a track record of holding these requests and responses in self-assurance. 

I hope you contribute to this conversation. And hurry: the kind closes the evening of March 13th.

Your turn

Click right here for the Google Type survey. It will be active till March 13th.


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