To Really like the Church in Such an Hour as This


Elsewhere you can study some short thoughts of mine on how it is each achievable and essential to nonetheless like the Church and all in it even in this dark hour of unrelenting news of abuse and cover-up.

That like, on the other hand, as I attempt to make clear in the piece, can’t permit for perpetrators to be let off the hook, nor for the circumstances beneath which abuse and cover-up occurred to go on. Really like, in other words, demands severe reforms. Genuine like demands important transform such as I propose in Anything Hidden Shall Be Revealed: Ridding the Church of Abuses of Sex and Energy. Really like devoid of such adjustments is no like at all.

I reference a rather easy and accessible, but nonetheless highly effective, book that I study twenty years ago but have gone back to with my ecclesiology students: Loving the Church by Christoph Schönborn. It appears these days extra than ever the challenge is certainly to like the Church when she appears so loveless and unworthy. But like will redeem this scenario and all of us, and it will not be redeemed devoid of like.


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