These that have come just before me…



What I am about to inform you is rather embarrassing. I am not proud of what I did. It wasn’t a single of my finer moments. In truth, I am grateful that no a single was about to judge me for my poor selection creating. Nonetheless, it occurred. Just before I inform you my dirty tiny secret enable me to give you some background on how we got to exactly where we are currently.&nbsp

For a lot of years my church was blessed to have a person who took it as there individual duty&nbspto oversee the finer specifics of baptisms. From the outdoors searching in it is a quite simple procedure. You get in the pool, get dipped beneath the water and get out. Fairly straightforward proper? But if you took a moment to peer behind the scenes you would have noticed a tiny old lady that faithfully greased the wheels of our baptisms. Devoid of fail, sweet tiny Grandma Alice would usually make sure that fresh towels have been placed subsequent to the baptistry each and every morning. She would personally greet each and every a single becoming baptized with a hug prior to them walking out and then patiently wait in the wings to obtain a wet hug as they exited the baptistry. At the finish of the service she would collect up all of the wet towels and baptistry robes, place them in a garbage bag and lug them to her auto to be washed, dried and returned prepared for the subsequent baptism. I can recall on numerous occasions her words to me as I exited the baptistry, “Just leave every thing exactly where it is, I will take care of it.”&nbsp

A couple of years ago if my memory serves me, her well being started to avoid her from filling this a lot required function. Never get me incorrect, points nevertheless get performed. The towels are by the pool, the robes get dried and place back and the towels are washed but it is just not the similar any longer. The function is filled but now it is filled much more out of necessity than drive. What is missing is the passion. She was passionate about filling that function. It wasn’t just one thing that required to be performed, it was hers to do. She owned it.&nbsp

Now back to my embarrassing moment. As I exited the pool this morning and changed back into my dry clothing I stood in the doorway of the altering area hold a pile of wet robes and towels. I was all of a sudden reminded of the tremendous function that Grandma Alice played in the life of our church. As I contemplated my subsequent move with my wet towels and robe I ran by way of a series of possibilities: discover one thing to bag them up in, hang the robe so it can dry, ring out the towels. I rather chose the low-priced, lazy choice. I basically threw them on the floor of the altering area and walked out. As I created my way down the hallway I reasoned that I would deal with my mess tomorrow.&nbsp

As I’ve reflected on this series of events currently I’ve been encouraged and reminded of some crucial lessons. I am encouraged by the faithful service of Grandma Alice and other folks like her. I am thankful for these males and girls who have come just before me and modeled what it appears like to use their gifts for God’s glory. Grandma Alice has impacted these becoming baptized for a lot of years and for a lot of years to come.

I am also reminded that each and every a single of us has an capability that God desires we use for His glory. There are no insignificant roles, there are no menial tasks that never matter. Peter says it like this in his initially letter, God has offered each and every of you a present from his wonderful assortment of spiritual gifts. Use them effectively to serve a single one more.&nbspDo you have the present of speaking? Then speak as even though God himself have been speaking by way of you. Do you have the present of assisting other folks? Do it with all the strength and power that God supplies. Then every thing you do will bring glory to God by way of Jesus Christ. All glory and energy to him forever and ever! Amen.” 1 Peter four:10-11 from Bible Gateway.&nbsp

Here’s my encouragement to you. Locate a way to make a Grandma Alice size distinction in the lives of these about you. Locate a way to use your skills for God’s glory in a way that when you are unable to continue, you are missed. It is late, I am tired and tomorrow morning, I will have to go clean up my mess. Be encouraged and hold moving forward.&nbsp


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