The following write-up is a different summary of 1 of our a lot of recorded prayer sessions when the Holy Spirit stepped in and became the Teacher. As soon as once more, for the final numerous years this has been a widespread operation anytime Carolyn and I pray collectively. Most of these revelatory utterances  would be classified as a word of wisdom from the Lord. I’ve incorporated Scriptural references to confirm the prayer utterances.

(Note: Spoken and prayed with the identical Spirit that came on Jesus when He went into the temple and overthrew the tables and drove out the cash changers).

“For there is 1 God and 1 Mediator in between God and guys, the Man Christ Jesus” (1 Tim. two:five).

“For this is the covenant that I will make with the residence of Israel right after these days, says the Lord: I will place My laws in their thoughts and create them on their hearts and I will be their God, and they shall be My men and women. None of them shall teach his neighbor, and none his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them” (Heb. eight:10-11).

“Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from prime to bottom” (Mk. 15:38).


The veil was rent in two so we could come to God without the need of a human mediator. Closing the veil is the spirit of religion that tells us we want to go via a man, an organization, or a plan.

This is becoming manifested in a lot of types now. There is to be no far more condemnation regarding these points.

For this is actually a judgment of the heart for all believers to place their fellowship with God above religion and the traditions of man, or getting to go to a prophet to hear what the Lord is saying.

For this was the identical spirit usually confronting Jesus and the manifestation of His compassion, “Who does He feel He is healing and forgiving man’s sins?”

Behind the open veil is every little thing we want, but man ruled by his traditions, wittingly or unwittingly, appears to usually be attempting to close that veil.

Accurate freedom comes to the 1 who believes and knows they have no cost access to the Father via Jesus.

There will be some in classic churches now who will not fall away merely due to the fact they’ve been taught to go into the Holy of Holies for themselves.

Our aspect is to show them the access without the need of criticizing the classic church.

It is needed and essential that the young ones (babies) know how to go into that spot in the Spirit even as we had been educated in neighborhood churches and discovered to move with the physique.

The crucial is to train them to move into the Spirit and access that spot on their personal. Once they find out they can be established as sturdy trees of righteousness.

For if you train just 1 to come and be a aspect of an assembly without the need of man’s restrictions, it is a victory…(The Holy Spirit brought to remembrance Carolyn’s initially church worship leader and what she did with Carolyn and the group in coaching them to access that spot).

Even in Pensacola for the duration of the excellent outpouring of the 1990s these young revival babies discovered the presence of God.

By no means does it advantage when a man leads a different to a man and the wisdom of man.

Preserve pointing them to the veil and the access.

For you and the pray-ers are to hold open that door and that entrance for other people to come via. And it is the leaders who then encourage them to move on in.

That is why we can in no way be happy with playing church. Christ has been formed in us.

As an alternative of becoming like Joshua who sat on the outdoors of the tent of meeting and listened (Ex. 33:11), it is our spot as ministers to draw them on in and teach them to remain there and meet with God.

There will usually be saints who want to go on in.

This is the only spot we are actually rooted and grounded in the Lord.

Gal. three:1 – That is why this spot of man placing their dependence on man is such a bewitching spot.

For we will not usually be there for them, but they will have to find out to go there beyond the veil on their personal.

That is why this bewitching in toning down the move and manifestations of the Holy Spirit is such a diabolical move – the spirit that closes the veil tends to make it challenging to access Me.

Got to maintain men and women moving toward the Lord exactly where they are at property with Him.

He is the door, the only door.

Totally free access is via the Blood.

The seeker friendly philosophy closes the door and says you can only have this a great deal access, and you can only go this far by toning down on the Holy Spirit and His workings.

God is in the midst of His men and women, not behind a veil (Carolyn saw leaders standing in front of a veil and pulling it shut).

Confusion and bewilderment came to these who had been made use of to no cost access but now are becoming blocked and bewitched by man.

I think this is actually a word of wisdom from the Lord that traditionalists could have difficulty getting. 

The file that consists of this wisdom and counsel is referred to as, The Prayer Jotter, and we hope to make a special book or journal from these some day. But for now we will just be blogging some of them. I hope this 1 was a blessing to you. If so, would you prayerfully take into account generating a tax-deductible contribution via our Paypal button to enable our ministry? 


Thank you, and could God’s richest and very best be yours.


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