The Light of a New Day at Southwestern Seminary


Final week, a graduating college senior from our church asked me which seminary he ought to attend.

The college graduate enrolled yesterday. 

Challenging news will be coming out of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary later currently. 

When you very first hear of the faculty reductions, you could unwittingly assume the incorrect issues. 

You could assume Southwestern is now in problems. Nope. Southwestern was in problems. The present leadership is carrying out what is vital to get the seminary steady once more financially, academically, and numerically.

The predicament at Southwestern prior to June 2018 was far worse than any one could have ever imagined. 

The sinking ship is now becoming provided ballast.

What ever else could be stated about The Baptist Blogger, the a single factor that will have to be stated is that he courageously stated what other individuals cowardly refused to say for the duration of the years stained glass windows blocked the light of day from shining inside the walls of Southwestern.

Give credit exactly where credit is due. 

Certainly, the light of a new day has dawned at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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