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My most current book, is now in print and can be bought applying your favourite legal currency. The notion with this book was to play in the space designed by Jaroslav Pelikan. In other words, this is heavy on “Jesus by means of the centuries” and reception history. That stated, the book starts with some fundamental historical Jesus components and introduces early Christian literature. I conclude with a Jesus in pop-culture section. My hope is that this book may well operate as a supplementary text for classes on Christianity or Planet Religions.

Right here is some praise for the book.

“I loved this book and will undoubtedly be applying it in my teaching. Hope the following will suffice: Le Donne’s writing under no circumstances fails to evoke, entertain and educate students – and this volume on Jesus is no exception. Covering Jesus’ building inside historical enquiry to reception in pop culture this will be a welcome addition to the reading lists of several undergraduate programmes and an invaluable and accessible teaching resource.”
– Louise Lawrence, University of Exeter

‘This small book punches far above its light weight. In Jesus: A Beginner’s Guide, Anthony Le Donne has offered us an fantastic brief cultural history of Jesus. From the letters of Paul to the Gospel of Mary, from the Alexamenos graffito to Timothy Schmalz’s “Homeless Jesus,” from Clare of Assisi to Martin Luther King, Jr.,  it is all right here, expertly narrated and beautifully illustrated.” 
– Matthew V. Novenson, University of Edinburgh

“Fresh, punchy and completely crafted for these with small or no background in this field of study,
Le Donne explains Jesus not only in terms of lengthy ago, but by means of the centuries to these days. He traces not a single Jesus but several, every reshaped for distinct factors. In the end, this book presents Jesus as a remarkably malleable entity, and however a figure who is as critically relevant now as ever.”
– Joan E. Taylor, King’s College London

“As fascinating as it is wide-ranging, Anthony Le Donne’s Jesus: A Beginner’s Guide is a master class on a two thousand year lengthy tradition of questing for, commemorating, and creatively appropriating Jesus. From magic bowls to Muhammad Ali, and with equal components wit and finding out, Le Donne canvasses a captivating variety of sources to generate an engrossing account of the a single the most critical figures in history.”
– David Lincicum, University of Notre Dame


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