The Good Commission – Component two


“Then Jesus came to them and stated,&nbsp“All
authority in heaven and on earth has been offered to me.19Hence go and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,20and teaching them to obey every thing I have commanded
you. And certainly I am with you normally, to the incredibly finish of the age.”
Matthew 28:18-20.


The initial issue
He tells them to do is “go.” He does not say, “Look guys, I know you are busy and
all, but when you have time, can you do this for me?”

I’m not going to
even attempt to pronounce the Greek word that is applied. And there’s absolutely nothing deep or
particular about it. It just indicates to get moving. He does not inform them exactly where to
begin, but he does let them know what location he expects them to cover that getting
all nations. I’m certain these guys believed that was a tiny overwhelming. But
definitely, he didn’t imply for just them to do this. It is a command for all

Obtaining Began

So exactly where do we
begin? How about your property town? According to the census, we have about 1,000
persons living in the smaller neighborhood exactly where I reside. On any offered Sunday, there
are most likely 10-20% of the population worshipping right here or someplace else. That
indicates that there are someplace about 800 persons who are not living as a
disciple of Christ. As soon as we’re carried out there, we can take on the rest of our
county. Once more, according to census numbers, there are about 38,500 persons in my
county. If 10-20% are worshipping someplace, that indicates that we’ve got about
32,000-33,000 persons to attain out to. We’ve got some perform to do, wouldn’t you

Make Disciples

As soon as we get
moving, we are to make disciples. What does that imply?

When Jesus stated,
“go and make disciples,” it was in terms that his disciples would have
understood, from one particular Jew to yet another. There is a distinction in the way the
western planet thinks and learns as compared to these in the eastern planet.

East verses West

culture thinks differently than western culture. A couple of years ago, Jay F. Guin
wrote an report explaining this.

Western mode of believed comes from the ancient Greeks. We feel abstractly. We
like to take what we understand apart, see how it is created, and extract the underlying

Vander Laan’s students in higher college have to dissect a frog in their biology
classes. When they reduce a frog apart and appear inside, they understand lots of truths
about the frog. They understand how his heart operates, how his lungs perform, and so on.
They under no circumstances understand who his girlfriend is. You can only understand who the frog’s mate
is by observing him in the wild. You can not take him out of the pond and understand
how he lives.”

Western method to a frog is to dissect it. The Eastern method is to understand
the frog’s story. Each approaches acquire truths. But you can not actually recognize
a great deal of what’s written in the Bible unless you study it in its native
atmosphere prior to you take it apart. Just after all, lots of of the scriptures have been
written by Easterners for Easterners.”

A Initially Century Disciple

That stated, when
Jesus stated go and make disciples, it was a Jew speaking to yet another Jew. Each and every
initial-century Jew knew that the Scriptures had authority more than all elements of
life. God may possibly have been a mystery to them, but how they behaved was not.&nbsp Rabbis had been offered the authoritative part
to interpret God’s Word for the living of a righteous life, defining what
behavior would and would not please God.

Discipleship for
a young man would have been the equivalent of higher college for us currently. Young
guys would have memorized the Scriptures by the time they have been 13 years old, so
the situation would not have been what it stated, but how it was to be lived out.
They would start looking for a rabbi that would accept them as a disciple, so that
they could continue their education. He would method the rabbi, and soon after
a great deal complimenting of the rabbi for his insight and wisdom, he would request
that the rabbi accept him as a disciple. If a rabbi agreed to a
would-be-disciple’s request, and permitted him to turn into a disciple, the young
man agreed to completely submit to the rabbi’s authority in all places of
interpreting the Scriptures for his life.

If the young man
was rejected, he would petition other rabbis till accepted, or as a final
outcome, would return to his loved ones to understand the loved ones trade. A rabbi was incredibly
selective in who he permitted to turn into his disciple, picking only the brightest
of students so that he himself would be admired for who he was.

Jesus’ Disciples

You may possibly note that
Jesus’ disciples didn’t come to him in this manner. He chosen them. This
group of young guys, most likely ranging in age from 17, that getting Peter who was
the oldest, to 13, that getting John, who was the youngest, had been rejected and
had begun their education in a trade or company. They have been in the loved ones
fishing company, they have been tax collectors, and other occupations that weren’t
thought of as the most elite in society. For Jesus to pick them would have
been thought of questionable by the rabbis, but for his disciples, it was an
honor to stick to Jesus.

That is what Jesus
meant when he stated go and make disciples. We want to sit and dissect the
Scriptures, but Jesus showed us how to create relationships in order to teach
how to reside them.

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