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Lots of struggle to locate their goal. These in despair really feel that life is meaningless, these who are going by means of a trial wonder what’s the point. When faced with life’s choices, what ought to be our main goal?

Recognizing our aim and goal of life impacts us deeply. If a person’s aim is to have a life of ease, they may well make various possibilities than 1 whose aim is to get manage. What we set as our aim and goal of life is essential, and it is necessary that we appear to the Word of God for the answer to this widespread query: what is the goal of life?

So we make it our aim to please Him, no matter if we are at property in the physique or away from it. – two Corinthians five:9

Is not God so gracious to answer this deep and pressing query so clearly in His Word? God is our Creator, and He has the say in what we ought to strive for in the lives we’ve been provided. He has designed every of us for the similar goal: to glorify Him.

This is not a dull calling. God in His mercy knows that when we seek to comply with our correct goal of life by searching for to glorify Him in all the things, we will be the most content material, most happy, most joyful and peaceful. He has designed us to locate these terrific blessings in pursuing our aim of life, and we can trust His program for us. Right after all, His expertise is need to higher and additional excellent than ours.

When we seek to have God’s glory as our key aim, our selection-creating starts to adjust. With every location of our lives and with every selection, we can ask ourselves, “if my aim in life is to please God, what would that appear like appropriate now?” Possessing the answer to this query brings terrific stability to our lives, and aids us to be God-and-other’s focused in our daily stroll.

So, the subsequent time you are faced with temptation or a selection, no matter how little, you do not have to feel aimless – don’t forget that the Bible defines what your goal of life really is, so you can lean on that, enabling God’s aim for you to figure out your methods.


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