The Faith-Walking Mum: Drawing the focus of God to your economic dilemma


It was a Friday and a day prior to Christmas. I left dwelling for the workplace with my head bent and heart motivation low.

My salary has not been paid for the previous two months by my employer. That was a really hard one particular for an individual who is a widow and who has 3 expanding little ones. I looked at my young children and wondered how I would generate some magic to make sufficient provisions for them for Christmas.

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My excellent Mum had told me this story on several occasions and I have generally enjoyed the story each and every time she narrates it. I generally delight in the story simply because I am in a position to choose up valuable wisdom on how parents can find out to take uncomplicated faith measures and how highly effective the hand of God can function for them and their households.

Let me give my Mum the chance to continue her faith story.

“When I got to the workplace and observed that there was no hope of acquiring any kind of economic assistance from my employer for the yuletide celebration, tears welled up in my eyes and I placed my head on my table and prayed to God. “

Let me come in right here and inform you that my Mum was a non-Christian at this period. But obtaining found that there was no enable coming from any man or her employer, she had to turn her focus to God if, probably, He would be in a position to enable.

Did God hear her prayer?

My Mum continues her story:

“I have never ever prayed to God the way I did that afternoon. The prayer was quick and simple.”

I stated, “God enable me and my loved ones and supply for us this Christmas period.”

“As If God was waiting for me to say this hotline of prayer, as I took my head up from my table and with my eyes nevertheless filled with hot waters, a colleague and a superior pal walked into my workplace and was shocked and worried to see my eyes complete of tears.”

What specifically did this God-sent figure do to enable resolve the troubles of my Mum?

I want you to study on.The Faith Walking Mom

Immediately after I explained my scenario, she told me she received a money present from a relative and she would be prepared to share it with me. She instantly wrote a verify for me and I rushed to the bank to money it.”

Was that all God could do to a prayer stated with faith?

The answer is no. God can generally do much more. Study on, please.

Immediately after I left the bank, it was nearly thirty minutes to the finish of the workday at the workplace. Straight away I returned to the workplace, one particular of my subordinates approached me and informed me that the management has been hunting for me and that they, at the final hour, have decided to approve a little Christmas allowance for all employees.”

Was that the finish of the story?

The answer once again is no.

“Immediately I swung into action and coordinated the receipt and disbursement of the money allowance to each and every employees member beneath my jurisdiction. Immediately after the disbursement, 3 of my subordinates came into my workplace and gave me money gifts for the Christmas.”

God Rewards Faith Walks

God turned the revenue dilemma about for a mum inside two hours soon after she strangely walked by faith to pray to God even even though she was a non-Christian.

The bible says in Psalm25: eight “God and upright is the Lord: Thus He teaches sinners in the way. The humble He guides in justice. And the humble He teaches in His way”

If a non-Christian can draw God’s focus to her dilemma, then you can visualize what a Christian mum can do if she decides to stroll with God by faith more than her life and loved ones.

The duty of a Christian is to retain walking by faith and retain living by faith. The just (the Christian) shall reside by his faith. A Christian will uncover it hard experiencing accurate Christian manifestation except he regularly hangs onto God with the faith ‘rope’.

With no faith, it is not possible to please God.


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Sesan Oguntade is a Christian individual improvement professional and a sturdy proponent of the will need for Christian entrepreneurs to run productive godly organizations. He writes the 10-year old Bible Brief Reports series with more than 30 sources which includes ebooks, videos, video courses, PDF Checklists and podcasts.

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