Stuck in the Mud? – A Worshiper’s Journal


Have you ever been stuck in the mud? Not too long ago, a 79-year-old New Hampshire man located himself stuck in mud up to his neck though duck hunting. The man had waded by means of a swamp, which was only two to 3 feet deep, not realizing that the bottom of the swamp was coated in thick mud. He quickly located himself hopelessly stuck in the mud, and the a lot more he struggled to get himself out, the deeper he sank in the mud. He remained stuck there for 33 hours till rescuers located him and managed to lift him out of the mud and onto dry land.

Whilst most of us in all probability have under no circumstances been stuck in the mud like that unfortunate duck hunter, there are occasions in our lives when a dilemma in which we uncover ourselves tends to make us really feel like we are stuck in a “pit of mud.” From time to time, we finish up in these dilemmas, these “pits of mud,” by means of no fault of our personal. For instance, a monetary “pit of mud” may perhaps have been triggered by a job layoff or the loss of revenue due to an accident or severe illness. But there can also be occasions when we finish up in that “pit of mud” due to our personal incorrect behavior, such as marital challenges triggered by indiscretions or addiction to pornography. But no matter what dilemma we face, no matter how deep we uncover ourselves in a “pit of mud,” there is a way out.

The way out of a “pit of mud” can’t be achieved by means of our personal strength. The duck hunter in New Hampshire attempted to totally free himself from the mud by employing his personal strength. But the a lot more he attempted to totally free himself, the deeper into the mud he went. On our personal, we are most likely to develop into a lot more embedded in the dilemma we face. Our struggle to set ourselves totally free will typically lead to us sinking deeper into the pit. The duck hunter required the support of rescuers to be freed from that muddy swamp. And we want God to totally free us from dilemmas that drag us down deeper into the pit.

In Psalm 40, David told of becoming freed from a pit by God. In verse two (NLT), he wrote, “He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on strong ground and steadied me as I walked along.” David was freed from his dilemma by God. God lifted David from the pit of despair, pulled him out of the mud, and set his feet on strong ground once more. God can do the similar for us when we, like David, wait patiently on the Lord, bring our dilemmas to Him and wait for Him to see us by means of them rather than futilely struggling by means of them on our personal. As David wrote in verse 1 of that psalm, when we wait patiently on the Lord, He will turn to us and hear our cry.

If you uncover oneself stuck in a “pit of mud,” turn to God, lift your voice to Him and wait patiently as He hears your cry and lifts you out of that pit. Just after lifting David out of his “pit of mud,” God gave David a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to God. The outcome was that several saw what God had completed for David and place their trust in God (Psalm 40:three). When God lifts us from our “pits of mud,” we want to sing that new song, we want to inform other people of what God has completed for us. Our testimonies can be what brings other people to come to the Lord, to place their faith and their trust in Him.


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