Saturday’s Small Thoughts – Simplicity and Practicality – The Jesus Pursuit


I had such a nice Friday evening with my husband, Glenn, and our dogs, Peanut and Stitch. Our downtown hosted a showing of The Secret Life of Pets, and as the evening cooled down we were able to enjoy laughs with other families and their pets as well.

This morning Glenn and I just sat down on our couch and had a relaxing time, conversing about pretty much everything going on in our lives – sharing funny thoughts, ideas about our music (the great band chemistry we have, songwriting, the excitement of arranging our songs, etc.) – but most importantly, how of all the things we and people of the world spend on things to make us happy, and then as soon as it is over, so is that happiness. Our pastor recently spoke of the difference between joy in the stability of our relationship with Christ, no matter what else is going on – and the temporary period of happiness that comes in intervals of life.

So much of life is counter-intuitive. Lots of things can make our lives feel empty, because no matter how much we collect, we realize there is so much more to accumulate. Having less makes us realize how little we actually need to be happy. We started making a monthly budget, and when we live by those boundaries, the desire to buy impulsively just dissolves and gives us the freedom to focus on what our goals are, and motivates us to stay on the path we’ve determined. That has been an overwhelming life-changer!

I find myself now more thankful about living a simple life, and being able to give greater attention to what is most important – allowing God to fill that void He put in my heart so that my joy can underscore the fluctuating circumstances of life.


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