Responding to attacks | Jesus With out Baggage


What do you when a person attacks you?

What do you when they attack you verbally?  Do you lash out?  Do you defend oneself?  Do you strike back?

There are no good universal answers to such circumstances – one thing that functions for each single predicament.  Humanity is complicated immediately after all.  And situations are one of a kind.

Though it is good to be capable to say very simple options, the reality is a lot a lot more complex.

We could also say a single must turn the other cheek.  Is that the very best answer for each kind of attack that may well come about to you?  I doubt it.  Yes, Jesus mentioned it.  But does that make it a universal answer to each single instance of conflict?  I wouldn’t argue that.

In addition to, we can also cite Ecclesiastes three – there is a season for almost everything.

So does this imply that something goes in how we deal with men and women who attack us?  No…


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